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A twinkling chandelier is always the power piece of your room.
Flamboyant charm and indulgent glamour at its finest, and the perfect go-with for French white furniture.

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"The French Bedroom Company can help you turn a boring bedroom into a dreamy sanctuary where you want to swing from the chandeliers and sip champagne."


Bring a touch of glamour to your home with a sparkling glass or crystal chandelier or contemporary acrylic chandelier.  From our genuine antler chandeliers in varying sizes to amazing chandeliers that have been melted into shape, white painted chandeliers and beautifully cut glass chandeliers - you'll find your style here!

The choice of central hanging light can really alter the look of your room altogether so be bold and go for it! Choose bright coloured lighting to coordinate with other brights in the scheme, delicate traditional styles to suit an eclectic mixture of styles in a space or to coordinate with a traditional, shabby chic French furniture scheme, or go for dark and dramatic with black French furniture for a moody look.

There is never an excuse not to use a breath-catching chandelier in a room. Ceilings too low? All of our chandeliers come with adjustable chain, so you can alter the length to suit your ceiling height.  A beautiful chandelier will go perfectly alongside your white dressing table, or suspended over your bath!

Stylist's Tip: "If your room can't really take a huge chandelier, think about hanging more than one in a smaller size at either end of the room, or clustering them at different heights in the centre of the room for a modern display and focal point." - , Founder & Managing Director.

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