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Rugs, Hides & Sheepskins

A rug that boasts the comfort count of loungewear, why yes please! Whether it's to make a style statement or just a soft platform from which to start the day, a rug is the finishing touch to your French bedroom!

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Once you have picked your perfect French style furniture, go for comfort and style underfoot with our luxurious rugs and hides collection. Choose from super-thick and super-soft sheepskins in a palette of soft shades, silky smooth cowhides in unique and stunning colours and sizes (you get to pick exactly the one you would like) and beautiful natural reindeer hides, amongst others, all to brighten up your floorboards and provide warmth and softness too. One of our stunning Renaissance or cowhide-style Persian rugs will be the focal point in any room where they lay - they are beautiful and unique (if we do say so ourselves!) - essentially “floor art”.

Stylist's Tip: "Don't confine a sheepskin or reindeer hide to the floor - they look great and add warmth when draped over the back of your favourite armchair or sofa too, particularly when you are mixing and matching textures. For example, a reindeer hide draped over a similarly toned distressed leather chesterfield sofa will work harmoniously." - , Founder & Managing Director.

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