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Shabby Chic Chests of Drawers & Cabinets

Our chests of drawers and cabinets are serenely romantic, and drenched in a heavy dose of pure French charm!

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"Every elegant boudoir should possess a beautiful painted mahogany chest that'll serve up a slice of French flair as well as provide storage for the likes of lingerie, hosiery and cosmetics."

Essential Kitchen, Bedroom & Bathroom Magazine

Storage is oh-so important - especially in the bedroom. Choose from French-style mahogany shabby chic chests of drawers with curved frontages or ornately carved detailing, colourful or metallic finishes for more modern schemes, and tallboys for those tricky narrow spaces. Storage is invaluable, so take advantage of any space you may have for a beautiful piece of French style furniture to stash away your things!

An elaborate chest of drawers in a dining room means a great amount of storage for tablecloths, napkins and cutlery sets - hang a French mirror above it to make the room appear lighter and brighter. A slender shabby chic painted tallboy is ideal for organising your "smalls" - plenty of drawers means you can separate your socks from your stockings and keep your special lingerie separate from your everyday!  If there is still not enough storage, you can always add a French wardrobe, or make your sacred dressing place even more special with a white dressing table, all illuminated with sparkling chandelier to bring some magic into the start of your day.

Stylist's Tip: "If space is tight why not consider having a chest of drawers next to your bed that doubles-up as a bedside table. And, we have it on good authority that our chests of drawers make great baby-changing tables too!" - , Founder & Managing Director.