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French Wall Art & Decor

Our contemporary and French wall art will create a decadent vibe in your bedroom, and is sure to make a visual statement that will leave a lasting impression on anyone who comes to visit. Bedroom wall art is one of the most perfect ways to put your stamp on your space, showcasing your personality through interior design.

Stylist's tip

"Add your own personality to a room scheme and show your artistic flourish at the same time; Wall Art is the best way to show your character. Whether beautiful, intriguing, quirky or cultured - let the wall art make a statement and start a conversation!"

- Georgia, Founder & Creative Director

About French Wall Art & Decor

There is no better way to make a statement than with a stunning piece of French wall art. Whether it's a beautifully ornate stag's head or a unique, thought-provoking canvas, wall art can tell stories or express an aesthetic truth or feeling that varies from person to person.

Add character and intrigue to your French-style interior by putting your stamp on the room with your own individually selected French wall art. Nothing says ‘inspiring’ more than an opulent French bed with a breathtaking piece of art hanging elegantly above, or an expertly-crafted console table with a beautifully carved animal head or whimsical pair of angel wings above it. It's your personal statement of style and panache, so why not choose something that invigorates your soul?

Unique French Wall Art

The term ‘wall art’ extends to so much more than simply a painting or drawing on a wall. Here at the French Bedroom Company, our decadent collection includes antiqued stag heads for a rustic yet classically elegant French feel, extravagant metal angel wings for those looking for a statement statement style that is both graceful and captivating, and a vibrant selection of canvas prints, including dramatic, breathtaking prints and peaceful, serene patterns. All chosen by our team of buyers to pair perfectly with your French furniture.

Whatever your boudoir style, you’re sure to find the perfect piece of French wall art to exude style and class into your bedroom.

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