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Luxury Bed Linen & French Bedding Sets

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To complete your luxury boudoir and complement your French bed, you’ll need stylish luxury bedding.

To complete your luxury boudoir and complement your French bed,
you’ll need stylish luxury bedding.

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Luxury Bed Linen & French Bedding Sets

To complete your luxury boudoir and complement your French bed, you’ll need stylish luxury bedding. Our beautiful bed linen combines timeless style with the highest quality and is available in all UK bed sizes; to fit cosy single beds all the way up to extravagant emperor beds. Whether you want colourful, patterned or simple white luxury linen, we have the ultimate collection for you to choose from.

What makes our Luxury Bedding Sets so special?

Only the most opulent, timeless and inspiring luxurious French bed linen makes it into our collection, designed to complement our luxury beds and French-style furniture perfectly. From bed sheets and duvet covers in elegantly embroidered designs, to soft pinks, contemporary greys and crisp whites, you'll surely find a fabulous style of French bed linen to suit the ambience of your bedroom.  Our luxury bed linen and bedding sets are made from cotton that is traceable from bud to bed, so you rest assured you're buying an ethically-produced product.

Bed linen, cushions and bed throws are where you can really show your flair for interiors and style. They are usually the most interchangeable items in your room, so you can refresh your boudoir style as new chic trends emerge or as the seasons change.

Our top tips for perfect French bed linen

If you want to achieve that luxurious, smart hotel-style look, then opt for a thread count of 400. This will give your bed a glorious, crisp feel so that you always wake up feeling fresh and rejuvenated.  

100% natural washed linen makes a wonderful choice for a more relaxed but classically styled interior. Style natural linen with a white painted French-style bed and a fragrant bunch of lavender and there you are - right in the heart of Provence! We offer linen in shades of classic grey, exquisite silver, soft pink and elegant ivory; our French linen looks best unironed for a ruffled, natural aesthetic.

Accessorising French designer bedding sets with throws and cushions

For a clean, perfectly styled look for your luxury mattress, opt for a serene white bed linen base and then layer up with a luxurious silk, faux fur or velvet bedspread. Then add coordinating cushions in a variety of sumptuous textures for a splash of colour and decadence. Either choose plain bed linen in harmonious colours or go for a French patterned toile design against a background of plain, soothing colours.

For an even more luxurious bedroom-sanctuary feel, light one of our tranquil scented candles or diffusers while you relax for a beautiful and softly fragranced boudoir.

French Beds Luxury Mattresses Vispring Mattresses Blankets & Bedspreads

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UK mattress sizes

  • Single Beds 90 x 190cm (3'0" x 6'3")
  • Double Beds 135 x 190cm (4'6" x 6'3")
  • King Size Beds 150 x 200cm (5'0 x 6'6")
  • Superking French Beds 180 x 200cm (6'0" x 6'6")
  • Large Emperor Beds 215 x 215cm (7'0" x 7'0")

Stylist's tip

"Your bed is your beautiful base, but your bed linen is where you’re able to truly show your style!  Ruffles, broderie anglaise, scalloped edging, bold florals and more. Our favourite hotel tip: spray starch on the corners of your pillows and duvets to give them that freshly pressed hotel linen look."

- Georgia, Founder & Creative Director

"If you’re a fan of frills and pretty, these French bed linens are for you"

EKBB Magazine

About Luxury Bed Linen & French Bedding Sets

how to dress a bed

Once you’ve sourced your luxurious bedding set, you’ll likely want to provide those all-important finishing touches to create that gorgeously indulgent feel. Whilst we make our beds countless times throughout our life, to truly dress a bed, you’ll need to incorporate the perfect balance of cosy, comfortable bedding and perfectly co-ordinated soft furnishings and accessories. In fact, we’ve examined every aspect of dressing a bed in our ‘How To Dress A Bed’ blog feature, for in depth detail on how to create those all-important finishing touches to your beautiful bedroom space.

How To Fold A Fitted Sheet

Whilst the majority of bed linens can be neatly folded and stored, fitted sheets have earned a notorious reputation for being tricky to conquer. The four elasticated sides make rolling it a tempting option, however, once the correct technique is mastered, you can simply fold and store with ease. Here are our three super simple steps to folding your beautifully crisp fitted sheets:

Step 1: Hand placement

Pop your hands in each end of the long side of your fitted sheet. You’ll want the top side of the sheet facing you, so ensure the seams in the corners are facing outwards.

Step 2: The tuck

Reach across from one hand to the other and tuck the corner into the opposite side. You will need to complete this on both sides, effectively folding your fitted sheet in half. Once you have done this, you will again need to place hands in the two remaining corners, and tuck once more, ensuring all corners are now tucked together.

Step 3: The fold

Once complete, you can lay your sheet down and beginning folding. We would recommend beginning with folding lengthways into thirds, first folding over the curved edge containing the corners, before covering with the final third. You can then flip your sheet over and again fold it into thirds, to ensure it is compact, neat and tidy, perfectly prepared for future use.


How To Care for Silk Bed Linen

Whilst silk offers undeniable comfort and luxury, it is a delicate material and needs additional care and attention. Avoid putting silk bed linen in a tumble dryer, and always iron it on the lowest setting when the fabric is fully dry. It also requires a little extra care when it comes to stain removal. Whilst silk stains easily, it will require delicate treatment. This includes gentle use of a cold, damp cloth and organic cleaning materials. For more on how to care for your silk sheets, check out our Silk Bed Linen Care Guide.

How To Iron Bed Sheets

When investing in premium quality French Bed Linens, you will most likely want to keep them in immaculate condition for years to come. Whilst ironing bed sheets may seem a slight chore, once done they offer a fabulous freshness and immaculate finish you will absolutely adore. With this in mind, here are our key tips for ironing your linens, and how to save both time and energy when doing so.
- In order to minimise creases and wrinkles, always air dry your sheets, hanging them straight in a soft breeze on a dry day where possible.

- For best results, iron your bedsheets whilst they are still slightly damp. Combine this with using a hottest setting on your iron, and you will conquer the most stubborn of creases.

- Short on time? Fold your linens in half before ironing to half the coverage you will need to go over. When damp and using a hot iron, you will still be able to tackle the most noticeable wrinkles.

- Another time saving tip is to iron bedding whilst laid across your bed. When doing this, be sure to glide your iron over at a reasonably quick pace to avoid any damage to your mattress.

- For additional creases spotted when your cotton sheets are fitted, stretch your bedding tightly over your mattress, and spray with a fabric conditioner and water solution, before allowing to dry. This will allow any stubbon crease

- A secret ingredient to many fabric soothing solutions is vodka. Mix this with vinegar and a few drops of essential oils and shake well before use. This will ensure you a beautifully smooth, fabulous smelling bed.

- Spraying starch over your luxury bedding sets before ironing will give them that true hotel feel. Starch will slightly stiffen your bedding without making it too crisp, as well as adding more body, ensuring they feel lovely and cool on a warm summers evening.

- Don’t forget the pillowcases! These are the pièce de resistance of your bed, not only from a comfort point of view, but also offering that real wow factor when beautifully ironed. For that added luxurious touch, spray with essential oils or fabric conditioner when done.

Ever Growing Floral Bedding

Luxury floral bedding isn’t a new concept. It’s been adding style and sophistication to bedrooms for decades, and rather than aging, it continues to evolve and develop, ensuring it continues to create a luxurious, stylish finish in every bedroom.

Styles vary greatly – vintage florals offer a quaint, feminine finish that combines beautifully with most French furniture pieces also found in the boudoir, such as immaculately upholstered beds, or tall, towering hand carved armoires. The more modern floral bedding designs feature larger botanical prints featuring not only flowers but palms and leaves too.

How to style a French blue bed from The French Bedroom Company on Vimeo.

Luxury Bedding Trends in 2022

2022 is pitched to be the year of the floral bed. Think bold bed frames, eye catching colour schemes, accessory coordination, and of course, eye catching luxury bedding sets. Not only do we specialise in statement French beds, but our gorgeous French bedding offers the perfect accompaniment to your gorgeous boudoir.

Within our carefully curated collection, you’ll find feminine florals, voluptuous vintage designs, and of course sensual silks. We select our bed linens based on their premium, luxury composition as well as their timeless, French chic designs that are sure to offer undeniable style for years to come. Our bedding isn’t a flash in the pan for 2022, it’s timeless, luxurious, and will no doubt provide the most comfortable space to wrap in and relax.

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