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Rattan Beds

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Our French style rattan beds add effortless elegance to both rustic and chic interiors.
Our French style rattan beds add effortless elegance to both rustic and chic interiors. Choose from natural 4-poster rattan beds, antique white French style beds, and French grey painted rattan beds for the perfect vintage look. Choose your new rattan bed with us today.
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Rattan Beds

How to style a Rattan Bed

At French Bedroom we have always been a fan of rattan for our French style beds. Rattan is incredibly versatile, at home in both rustic and chic interiors, adding that touch of bohemian relaxation or an air of effortless elegance, when painted in neutral tones. 

Where does rattan come from?

Rattan was first discovered buried with the pharaohs of Ancient Egypt (pre-dating pottery!) There was an abundance of reeds available around the Nile, and the Egyptians soon learned how they became flexible and durable when dried out. This led to rattan being used mainly in basket-weaving, but as its influence spread around the world, it began to take on different forms. Now from rattan beds, to seating, to storage, and everything in between; we love using this material throughout our homes, styling it for all looks and themes.

What makes rattan beds so popular?

Rattan is a timeless material in more ways than one. It is lightweight yet extremely durable, and the plant grows year-round, providing a sustainable source of raw material. It’s also very easy to clean, requiring no more than a little attention and some gentle dusting. So, it’s no wonder rattan is so popular as a French style bed and as furniture in general. Our favourite interior styles blur the lines of rustic and sophisticated with a careful selection of unique, handcrafted pieces to create the perfect fusion of classic and opulent.

How to maintain your rattan bed

To keep your rattan bed frame looking and feeling fresh, simply wipe it regularly with a soft cloth. Beds with rattan headboards can build up dust and other fibres, particularly from bedding. There is no need to use polish or abrasive creams on your luxury rattan bed. To remove any dust or dirt, you can gently brush the frame – either with a bristled duster or with the bristle attachment on your vacuum cleaner. It will allow you to get into any hard-to-reach cracks and crevices which come as standard on woven rattan, and this process will gather any hidden dust.

As an extra special treat for your king size rattan bed, you can apply a treatment of boiled linseed oil once a year, with a brush. When the furniture stops absorbing the oil, gently buff it clean with a soft cloth. Allow it to dry or harden before using your bed again – this will moisturise and protect the natural rattan fibres, ensuring it lasts much longer.

Rattan offers unlimited luxury and comfort, and when simple quick steps are completed on a regular basis, you can feel rest assured that your beautiful new rattan bed will look gorgeous for years to come. 

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About Rattan Beds

Styling your bedroom with a luxurious rattan bed frame

Whether you choose a fine single-layer rattan or a defined two-layer weave for your headboard, rattan is a show-stopping texture that makes your double bed in rattan the (rightful) star of your bedroom. For a natural look, opt for a neutral tone. For a romantic feel, try painted rattan in antique white.

Complete the look by matching a bedside with your rattan bed. For extra impact, choose one with a standout feature such as a unique silhouette or white-wash tint, ideal for a shabby-chic French bedroom. To reinforce the natural beauty of your rattan bed, you can style it with floral or botanical print bed linen and cushions. For larger accessories, try pairing with other natural materials such as wood textures and jute.

A coat of paint on rattan can transform the styling of a room. Go bright white for a crisp, modern look, or why not try grey for a delightfully vintage feel? Our French Grey Painted Rattan Bed is stained in a lightly distressed pale grey, creating a luxurious, elegant statement piece.

Add a rattan chair to your existing furniture to create a beautiful contrast in textures. As well as being a striking visual, rattan chairs with a dense weave are really comfy to sit on. Style with cushions that match the current room theme, and you have an instant stylish and comfortable reading corner.

How to Style a Rattan Bed from The French Bedroom Company on Vimeo.

How to clean rattan furniture

If you’ve had your lovely new bed for a while, it’s most likely time to do some spring cleaning! Here are our top tips for cleaning your gorgeous new rattan bed frame:

Once a fortnight, use your vacuum’s brush attachment or any small brush with non-abrasive bristles to give the rattan bed head and foot boards a general clean. A soft brush will avoid any abrasion against the rattan.

To remove any stubborn soil, use a toothbrush or a similar fine tool. This will also need to be used to get between the rattan bed’s tight weaves.

To keep your lovely new rattan bed in the best condition, once a month apply warm (not hot) soapy water to the frame without getting it too wet. Make sure you use a soft, clean cloth to gently remove marks, dust and dirt.

We would recommend avoiding washing your furniture on cooler days as it will take longer to dry out, which would in turn increase the risk of mould spores and damp appearing.

Be sure to follow these steps to maintain the beauty of your gorgeous new rattan bed frame. Bien dormir!

Rattan Bed Frame

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