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Upholstered Beds

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Add some elegant texture to your boudoir with a French upholstered bed.

Add some elegant texture to your boudoir with a French upholstered bed. We’ve got a vast collection of upholstered beds for you to choose from - including classic button upholstery on French and Chesterfield frames, as well as sleek modern designs upholstered in linen and velvet.

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Upholstered Beds

How to Style an Upholstered Bed

Statement beds are what we do best at French Bedroom, so if you’re wondering which upholstered bed will be best for the style that you’re after, then you’re in the right place. For a contemporary feel, a bed with clean lines and a low footboard will give you a cool, calm and collected feel, with no compromise on luxury. In muted colours, this style of upholstered bed is very versatile, allowing you to layer up the neutrals with accent colours. To make a statement, there’s nothing like silk or velvet paired with a gold frame. Instantly drawing the eye, a magnificent upholstered bed in luxurious silk or soft velvet is luxury in bed form. Go for sumptuous decadence and pair with patterns on patterns for a maximalist style. Pair with a piece of over-sized artwork, a sumptuous velvet bedspread and beaded glass French chandelier for that classic French style. Add texture and create depth with tactile blankets and cushions, welcoming you into a relaxing sanctuary.

Upholstered Beds from French Bedroom

Our French style upholstered beds are the epitome of luxurious living. Choose from gilded, tufted velvet beds fit for a queen, muted pastel pinks for a feminine feel or a sleek contemporary bed for modern French luxury. Choose your new statement bed with us today.

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About Upholstered Beds

How To Clean A Velvet Bed

It’s always lovely to have a bit of a freshen up at home, and the same is to be said for your gorgeous velvet bed. Velvet has an elegant pile which can capture the light beautifully, but it can also catch a little dust too. An easy way to give it a light clean is to use the bristled attachment of your hoover. Make sure it’s clean and dry before you start, and gently brush the bristled hoover fitting over the surface, paying special attention to any buttoning the upholstery may feature. This should help spruce up the surface and give it a little refresh!

Some velvets are polyester which is known for its excellent stain resistance qualities, helping towards keeping your bed clean and fresh. Many of our cotton velvets have been treated with a special Texfin Oil & Water repellent, a treatment that surrounds each individual fibre with an invisible shield, helping to protect against household dirt and liquid spills, giving lasting protection and helping to keep your lovely French-style bed looking new for longer.

Should you have one of those ‘oops’ moments on velvet all is not lost. If there is a liquid spill try to dry the area with a dry cloth, avoiding rubbing into the fabric fibres. Mix up a few bubbles from a little luke-warm water and detergent and softly dab this onto the surface with a clean cloth, lightly drawing out the mark from the velvet. Allow to dry naturally or with a hairdryer and with any luck you’ll see an improvement.

Handy tip: As with any household cleaning item, always spot test the product on an out-of-sight area of the upholstery just to make sure it’s compatible with the fabric before you go into cleaning a more visible area.

How To Clean An Upholstered Bed

As with all material covered beds, upholstered beds benefit from frequent cleaning in order to stay looking their best. Regular cleaning can be completed by simply using a vacuum cleaner and appropriate attachment to gently lift dust and other particles from the fabric. While hoovering, be carful not to press to hard into the fabric or to use an excessive scrubbing motion, which could damage the fabric.

If your upholstered bed has been marked by a liquid such as tea or coffee then we’d recommend applying a reputable fabric cleaner, being careful to closely follow the instructions on the packaging and to test the product first on an area that’s usually out of sight. Potential stains from spilt liquids can also be treated using backing soda, which absorbs the liquid, before in turn being vacuumed off. With all the above it’s important to use a blotting or dabbing motion as opposed to scrubbing, which can damage the fabric.

How to clean an upholstered bed from The French Bedroom Company on Vimeo.

Is It Hard To Keep An Upholstered Bed Clean

Upholstered beds typically have the material covering the bed head, base of the bed and the sides, which are not common areas that would require frequent cleaning. We would recommend using a good quality mattress cover to ensure that any dropped liquids such as tea or coffee would not soak through to the mattress and that bedding is frequently changed. The upholstered sections of the bed frame, will benefit from regular, gentle vacuuming to ensure the colours and fabrics don’t dull from dust particle build up.

Cleaning Upholstered Beds

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