French interior design is effortless, refined, sophisticated. Combining old and new with ease, French homes are always totally unique to the person who lives there.

Our bed designs are for the discerning home decorator, but what is it that makes them French?

  1. We Respect the History

Whether it’s the height of opulence at the Palace of Versailles, or the more pared-back provincial designs of the chateau, we can’t get enough of historical French designs, which is why they are so prominent in our French style beds

You can see Versailles in our huge head- and footboards, the lion feet and the sweeping curves of the frame, and the French country feel comes out in whitewashed wood, and the warmth of rustic rattan.

Our pieces offer subtle nods to iconic French styles – dramatic carvings of famous royal French furniture, woven finishes referencing classic Provincial furniture, and more mainstream finishes with hints of modern Parisian designs. Our beautiful beds possess the dramatic styles of times gone by, with the functionality and prestigious quality that our customers know and expect of The French Bedroom Company. 

  • Our Designs are Classics, not Trend-led

One of the stalwarts of French interior design is that they don’t really go in for trends. They respect the past and while they update and modernise, when it comes to their homes, they prefer to go for timeless pieces that will stand the test of time, or pieces that they really love, regardless of whether it’s ‘en vogue’ or not. After all, it’s your home!

When it comes to our French beds, we aren’t trend-focused. Trends come and go, whether it’s an inspirational phrase on your wall, clashing patterns or mid-century modern, they may end up making your home look dated.

Instead, we use timeless fabrics, such as velvet, satin and linen in our beds to evoke a sense of luxury. We use age old techniques like ornate floral hand-carvings in solid mahogany, and tufted button headboards – perfect for creating a timeless opulent boudoir. Our designs never ‘go out of fashion’.

Even our more modern bed designs aren’t trend-led, instead, they’re versatile and will complement any number of different interior styles. Our beds are both functional and luxurious, with a style to suit your personality and interior design fantasies – dramatic and luxurious, understated and elegant, we feature a touch of class across our entire collection.

  • Our Beds are Audacious

The French don’t do things by halves. They don’t worry whether things will match or how they’ll go together in a room. If they love it, they go for it!

Our beds are made for this attitude. With sizes that go up to emperor size (that’s 7ft in width and length) and audacious designs that demand your attention in luxurious fabrics, there’s nothing shy or retiring about our designs.

We, like the French, understand that a luxury bed is so much more than a place to lay your head. It needs to possess an undeniable style and extraordinary comfort. Each and every one of our beds have the ability to hold its own in your bedroom, creating a centrepiece and true wow factor, whilst giving you unrivalled comfort for a restful night’s sleep.

Make sure to browse our collection today to find the bed of your dreams at The French Bedroom Company.