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Known for their cuisine of rich and decadent dishes, it might surprise you to learn that the French aren’t really into breakfast. “Je ne suis pas du matin” (I’m not a morning person) they might say, before drinking a black coffee and heading out the door.

But for breakfast in bed? Whether a treat for a loved one on a special day or you’re indulging yourself, a lazy morning surrounded by good food and a great cup of coffee, French style breakfast in your gorgeous French bed is the only way to start the day in our book.

Discover our favourite French style breakfasts to eat in bed…

Tartine & Viennoiseries

While the rest of the western world favours savoury in the morning, the French love a hit of sugar and carbs for breakfast.

Tartine (toast or baguettes) paired with an array of jams, pastries, fruit juice and a hot drink, usually coffee or hot chocolate, is the order of the day for most French locals. For true French style, slice your baguette long ways and layer it up with butter and jam. You may even want to try dunking your tartine in your café au lait for an authentic French experience!

When it comes to les viennoiseries, so named because it is believed that they originated from Vienna, there are so many options. The beloved croissant, a pain au chocolat, a palmier are not your everyday breakfast in France, but since we’re having breakfast in bed, why not layer up your tray with a range of your favourite pastries (you can find our favourite French patisseries in the UK here)! Ideal for a simple, easy to put together surprise for your loved one.

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Croque Monsieur & Madame

A classic French sandwich that you’re more likely to find in a bistro than at home, we think a croque monsieur makes an excellent breakfast in bed. Hot, cheesy and crispy, its name means “crunchy bite” and “mister”. A croque monsieur is made with thin ham layered on what we’d call eggy bread, with slices of creamy Emmental or gruyere cheese as well as grated cheese and sometimes even a bechamel sauce as well. They’re either fried in a pan or baked. Add an egg on top instead of coating the bread in it, and you have a croque madame.

Perfect for those who love a savoury breakfast, eat in bed for a decadent start to the day. Don’t forget, no breakfast in bed tray is complete without a posy from the garden or your nearest meadow.

Radish Toast

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A classic French snack, radish toast is the long-lost cousin of avocado toast. While it might seem a strange thing to eat for breakfast, it is completely delicious. You must use French breakfast radishes and a bread that you love, and pair either with a herby, salted butter or a French cheese like brie. You could even poach an egg for on top if you’re feeling indulgent.

We promise, you won’t be disappointed. Watch a French rom com like ‘Joséphine’ for a bit of me-time whilst lounging in bed and eating radish toast – idyllic.