The difference between a British bakery and a French patisserie is, as with all things French (and the reason why we love France so much), is that a patisserie has a certain flair. From the iconic crescent shape of a buttery, flaky croissant, to the delicate layers of a dacquoise, peering through the window of a patisserie is sure to fill your head with wonder and set your mouth watering.

We’ve gathered our favourite French bakeries from the UK, so you can indulge in the finest croissant, mille-feuille or paris-brest without needing to rummage around for your passport.

Julien Plumart Cafe, Brighton

An award-winning bakery just outside the train station, Julien Plumart’s patisserie is full of beautiful and delicious treats, ready to draw the eye and the nose. Julien Plumart grew up in his parent’s French restaurant, so you can bet he knows his madeleines from his choux. You can spot the Createur de Plaisir himself on this year’s Great British Bake Off: The Professionals too!

Image Credit: Julien Plumart

Gilt Patisserie, Sheffield

A boutique patisserie that specialises in modern takes on traditional French recipes. With delicate textures, colourful glazes and beautiful flavours, you can expect everything from strawberry cheesecake flavour macarons to passionfruit eclairs. A real treat!

Miel Bakery and Patisserie, London

Miel Bakery combines premium ingredients, expert techniques and a menu that changes with the season. With flour milled in Normandy, chocolate from the high end Valrhona, butter from Poitou Charentes and British free range eggs, ingredients can’t get much finer. Head chef Shaheen Peerbhai trained at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris and London, has authored a cookbook titled Paris Picnic Club and was the food editor of BBC Good Food Magazine, India.  Well worth a visit.

Maison Bertaux, London

One of the oldest and most famous of London’s French patisseries, there’s no way we could miss Maison Bertaux off the list. Loved since it was established in 1871, with famous faces including Virginia Wolf, Karl Marx, Alexandra McQueen and Noel Fielding loving their pastries. Perfect for a classic French patisserie experience – watching the world go by with a florentine, a coffee and a smile for your fellow patrons.

Image Credit: Maison Bertaux

La Delice of Malvern, Malvern

Hailed as a “little piece of France in the Midlands”, La Delice is not only a patisserie, but a charcuterie and fromagerie as well. If you're missing France, this is the place to be. From artisan breads and a cheese selection 35 strong, to delicate and beautiful French pastries, a trip to La Delice is always worth it.

Bisous Bisous, Manchester

Translating to kiss kiss, Bisous Bisous’ mission is to preserve the art of French pastry. Their décor of pastel blues and pinks paired with gold accents are sweetly chic, and their pastries are no different. Bisous Bisous’ treats are also available in Selfridges Birmingham.

Image Credit: Bisous Bisous

Patisserie Sainte Anne, London

For an authentic French feel, head to Patisserie Sainte Anne’s in Hammersmith. The owners previously ran a bakery of the same name in Paris for over 20 years, before moving to London. The pink shop front, the display cabinet filled to the brim and the French-language menu makes it feel like you could be in Paris!