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A New (Ceiling) Light

Often such a tricky decision as there is so much out there on offer, your choice of central hanging light can alter the look of your room altogether so be practical but don’t forget pretty and clever... Whether you have low ceilings and boxy rooms or high ceilings with architectural details, we'll guide you through the options below.


From left to right: Etoile Purple 8-Arm Chandelier: £99. Shadow Lantern Pendant Light: £165
Betty's Boudoir Oversized Pendant Lights: £275. Origami Black Lamp Shade: £50.40

Chandeliers never fail to bring a touch of glamour to any room that you hang them in - your French bedroom, hallway, living area or even home office. Choose from sparkling cut-glass or crystal chandeliers, or get more for your money with a contemporary acrylic chandelier - less expensive, they still look fabulous and you'll find a greater palette of bright colours to choose from. Remember, a chandelier can be show-stopping in a room, tying all of your pretty distressed painted French furniture together, or it can add a balancing level of interest to a completely sleek, modern scheme - they're truly versatile so don't disregard them if you’ve not previously considered them!

To update an existing chandelier or to make your chandelier fuller, Jim Lawrence offer a great selection of droplets and beads from little glass beads which can be attached to follow the arms and curves of a chandelier, through to a range of shapes and sizes of glass droplets, and a central glass ball which can hang from the middle of the chandelier. Alternatively, dress your chandelier with diffusing chandelier shades like our Costes Chandelier Shades which simply clip onto the top of the bulbs.

Show-stopping modern chandeliers which have been melted like our stunning design classic of the future - the Hot Kroon Molten Chandelier by Piet Boon available in black or white, or pendant lights in the shape of bowler or top hats like our Jeeves Pendant Light or Wooster Pendant Light could be just the lift or finishing touch that your room is craving. A touch of drama or humour could be that clever stylist's element which your room is lacking - if you feel it's looking too coordinated, too serious, a touch too bland dare we suggest it?! Lighting is such an easy and instant way of changing the mood and feel of a room. And don’t forget those traditional chandeliers with a twist - whether carved wood like our Albert Chandelier or natural Fight Me antler chandeliers brought together to form a chandelier, these styles will soften a modern scheme or cosify a room, bringing an alpine / ski lodge / country pad / luxury edge to it.

If your room can't really take a huge chandelier, think about hanging more than one in a smaller size at either end of the room, or clustering them at different heights in the centre of the room for a modern display and focal point - this works particularly well above a large dining table or above a favourite armchair to create a special area in a room beside a beloved bookcase or elegant French console table.


Sistine Chapel Ceiling Pendant Light: £347

A light shade with a beautiful floral, bright or metallic lining like our clustered Betty's Boudoir Oversized Pendant Lights, provides interest in a room with French furniture and tall ceilings particularly, whilst you stand or sit beneath it - just as the detail in traditional chandelier would. Our illustrated Sistine Chapel Ceiling Pendant Light combines visual art and practical lighting to provide a focal point in your French bedroom or living area - look up at the design and when switched on, you'll see that the halo of light around the dove in the design, is positioned directly below the light source so that when the light is on, the light emanates from the dove.

If you're still stuck or you're armed with measurements but you're still not sure if that light you have your eye on is too big or too small for your space, just get in touch with The Girls!

Author: Georgia Metcalfe, Managing Director, The French Bedroom Company

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