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A Suitable Seat: How to Choose a Bedroom Chair

If space for a sumptuous chaise is tight, or if there's just nowhere to grab a peaceful moment anywhere else in the house, the bedroom chair of your dreams could be your next best investment!


1 Provencal Linen Slipper Chair: £440, and Truly Tranquil Armchair: £495. 2 Very Velvet Blofeld Platinum Porter's Chair: £875. 3 Sylvia Silver Silk Seat: £370. 4 Versailles Mummy Gold Chair: £420.

1. Cosy full-sized armchairs with well-stuffed seats are the answer if you're in need of an inviting spot to curl up in with a book, as are slipper chairs which also double up nicely as great nursing chairs if children are part of the equation / on the horizon.

2. A porter's chair with tall seat back and winged sides has a luxurious throne-like quality, so we say this is absolutely ideal for when girlfriends come around for a wardrobe swap in your boudoir, with a glass of champagne naturally.

3. A dainty "leggy number" is just the right size for draping your delicates at the end of the day.  It's also a great alternative to a dressing stool, giving you more support whilst you sit at your French dressing table and prettify. Being arm-less, it will push neatly under your dressing table when not in use.

4. An elaborate upright Louis style chair with arms, if you have the space, is also great as dressing table chair which will sit out from the dressing table because of its arms, but will help to create an impressive dressing area.  Add a full-length dressing mirror, and tie the area together with hide or sheepskin underfoot and floor lamp arching over the space.

For a seriously clever, stylist-inspired or interior designed look, "mix and match" your chair styles. Eclecticism exudes charm and confidence, so use it in your home and it'll look as though you've traipsed around countless French flea markets or vintage shops and spent thousands and thousands of Euros collating your collection of fantastic French style furniture. Sit them all around a dining table and as long as one factor is the same - the upholstery fabric or the shape of the chair, the colour of the woodwork, etc – they will all sit harmoniously alongside one another.  For example, our shabby chic antique white Provencal Linen Dressing Chair looks gorgeous teamed up with our Antoinette Rattan Oak Chair - a completely different finish in American white oak and with arms like a French carver unlike the Provencal Dressing Chair, but the linen upholstery ties the two pieces together very smartly. The fact that both items look like classic pieces of French furniture means that you can sit them alongside each other, even with their different paint finishes, and they will still look perfect together. Super styling in an instant!

Author: , Managing Director, The French Bedroom Company

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