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And The Winner Is...

We sat, throughout December, biting our (in-need-of-a-manicure) nails, eagerly waiting to hear our fate - was it meant to be? Were we one of the chosen few? We can safely say, no, we were definitely not good enough for a Santa visit - it was, of course, the announcement of the winners of the SheerLuxe Online Shopping Awards we were wearing the carpet thin for. The fabulous online lifestyle magazine and directory holds an annual poll of the crème-de-la-crème of the online shopping world, with every category a girl could possibly dream of, from handbags to perfume and beds to chocolates! The best part of these awards, and, a great reason to be thrilled at being crowned a winner, is that the public have chosen their faves - so, we would like to thank our customers, admirers and avid followers for helping us win the Bed & Bath category.

Being an office of luxury loving ladies, we quite often find ourselves immersed in, flicking through their "Hot Products", getting shopping list inspiration from their delicious recipes or signing up for the latest competition.

Here's some of our winners...

 Shourouk earrings, £415 from "Hot List"; Valentino Dress, £1921 from "The Boutique";
Bag category award winner - Mulberry, "Lily" Handbag, £750;
Fragrance category Award winner - Jo Malone, Red Roses Cologne, from £39; Yummy recipes;
Bakery/Patisserie category Award winner - Biscuiteers, Valentine's Macaroons, £22;
Confectionary category award winners - Hotel Chocolat, Pink Champagne Truffles, £21;
Regular Editor's Picks.

As one of the winners of the SheerLuxe Online Shopping Awards, we've chosen our most lavishly luxurious lighting...

Fade Fringe Shade, from £425; Pop Yellow Chandelier, £499;
Buttress 12-arm Black Chandelier, from £295; Wooster Pendant Light, by Jake Phipps, £190;
Palace Ballroom Ceiling Light, from £260; Disco-Rock Gold Pendant Light, from £240

Author: , The French Bedroom Company, purveyors of pretty French style furniture, progressive design, beautiful chandeliers and shabby chic painted furniture

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