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Arthouse Shelves: Re-think your storage solutions

Storage needn't be a purely functional plain painted pine shelf bought as an after-thought or yet another chest of drawers or tallboy taking up valuable floor space. Make storage work for you on more than one level - there are so many attractive options out there now and stylish shelving is one of them.

Once you've decided what needs to be stored, have a good think about whether you'd like to still see what you're going to store rather than shut it away or stack it all on a shelf to be forgotten about. If you have a collection of beautiful books, albums full of forgotten photos, or a set of inherited china, even if you don't practically use them day-to-day, don't give up on them and pack them away in newspaper yet! Get them out on display for all to see and appreciate.

Arthouse Shelves collection 

Our new Arthouse collection of framed wall shelves comes in three different sizes and shapes. Available in distressed Aqua, White or Silver, each of the styles can be hung either portrait or landscape, however they best suit your space. 

Arthouse cut-outs

Clockwise from top left - Arthouse Tall Shelf in Silver, White or Aqua,: £145. Arthouse Cluster Shelves in White, Aqua & Silver: £99. Arthouse Wide Shelf in Silver, White & Aqua: £110

These decorative shelves will really show off a collection or 'gathering' of treasured pieces. So make a visual impact and group together your prettiest teacups, collected vases or treasured handmade pieces. Style up the shelves with propped photographs, found objects like shells or driftwood, or keep the look simple and uncluttered.  Remember that an uneven number of objects tends to work best.

Think outside of the box when it comes to where you hang the display shelves too.  Do you need a whole console table in your hallway when you could pop a shelf up on the wall, saving precious floor space and organising keys, dog collars, sunglasses, etc for a speedy exit for the school run or the 7:30am train?   

Why not display your beautifully-packaged bath and body products and perfumes in the bathroom on an Arthouse shelf rather than shutting them behind a cabinet door? 

Bed with Arthouse Shelves as bedsides

Sylvia Silver Luxury French Bed: from £1125 for a single. Arthouse Tall Shelf in Aqua: £145. Madeleine Chandelier: £245

The grand ornate frame around the shelves will sit beautifully in a pair either side of a beautifully decorative French Bed, mounted on the wall as a bedside alternative. Pop your carafe of water, glasses and jars of night cream beside you on the little shelves within.

Your eclectic eye for detail needn't escape your kitchen either! Why not make use of empty wall space with a decorative shelf, bringing much-needed storage and style to the scheme. Easy Living suggest that you "Display kitchenware like candy... You take pride in what you buy, so why not display it in style? Pile crockery high on open shelves and keep cutlery to hand by storing them in pretty ice-cream bowls or mason jars"

Our single shelf Arthouse Wide Shelf could even be used to create a faux mantelpiece on a plain feature-less chimney breast. Display vases, treasures and little canvases or framed pictures to create a focal point for the room at very little expense.

Create a feature wall with a collection of the Arthouse frames positioned either in an ordered set of three of the same style in a row, or a combination of the three different styles hung both landscape and portrait, either all in the same colour, or mix them up. Introduce some ornately-framed French Mirrors to the wall for a seriously grand look.

We can help you with any storage conundrums you might have - whether it's help with deciding on the type of storage to go for, where to position it in the room with the furniture you already have, or colour choices - just get in touch!

Author: , Managing Director, The French Bedroom Company

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