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Bank Holiday Weekend DIY - The FBCo style!

There's always something about that extra day tagged onto the end of an otherwise standard weekend that makes us think we can take on the world, as far as overhauling our homes is concerned, with a whooping 45% of home owning Brits planning to make improvements to their homes this coming bank holiday.  Whilst we're not adverse to donning drills, hammers and rawlplugs - we'll be focusing on some more decorative projects to make our homes just a little more FBCo, ensuring our finished additions add a shabby chic 'je ne se quoi' to our French furniture.

We've compiled some of our favourite DIY projects to give a try this weekend...

1. Printing our own wall paper

We simply love the vintage inspired wallpaper rollers available from The Painted House - which you can also use for fabric or anything else you can pretty much think of.  Take a look at their simple tutorial videos and instructions on how to use their beautifully patterned rollers, using our fave girl friendly paint Annie Sloane - if you're anything like us, you'll want to get going yesterday!

2. DIY Floral Heart Garland

We've long been fans of a pair & a spare DIY How To:... blogs and this one tops our 'bank holiday weekend/spruce up our shabby chic French bedroom' list!  Adding a pretty pink small rose garland to your door, guest bedroom or hung on your French Armoire is a perfectly pink pick-me up!

3. Stairway to....

Numbering or even just decorating your stairway is an instant facelift for any hallway - it shows you've even thought about an otherwise utilitarian part of your home.  We, of course, love these two French options - the hand written font is available from Red Candy at whilst the standard upright font is available from Oakdene designs at Oh la la!

We'd love to see how you get on this weekend with your home DIY projects - so head over to our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram pages to share your DIY delights!

Author: Jess Warner, The French Bedroom Company, purveyors of French shabby chic furniture, white dressing tables, shabby chic wardrobes and beautiful French style furniture.

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