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Be My Guest!

Family and friends coming to stay over the festive period? Spare room piled with paperwork and unpacked boxes? Never fear, a few well-chosen purchases can transform a neglected underused space into a welcoming guest-friendly boutique B&B-style bedroom.

A great French bed will last for years to come so is worth the investment, and it will make the space feel like a proper bedroom. A beautiful chest of drawers will provide a tabletop for guests to pop their lotions and potions on, whilst also creating great year-round storage space in the drawers beneath for spare bed linen and more. Pop a French mirror above it and you've got a complete dressing area.

Invest in one of our sets of crisp white luxury bed linen and layer up with cosy blankets and decorative cushions for a luxurious night's sleep. Deep-pile rugs like our Rudolph Reindeer Skin or sheepskins provide warmth underfoot beside the bed. And don't skimp on the finishing touches - a beautiful candle or diffuser will be so appreciated, as will fresh flowers even roses cut from the garden are lovely.

Once you've finished all of your preparations, why not treat yourself to a stay in the room to test out what is lacking and what works!

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