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Meet Brick Dust & Glitter | Blogger of the Month

When we first stumbled into the world of Brick Dust & Glitter, firstly we were wowed by the fabulous name and immediately taken in by Emily's bright and cheerful musings on interiors, fashion, motherhood and everything in between. Bustling with pink floral pops, splashes of luscious greenery and shimmers of gold - we fell in love with Emily's style and simply had to find out more about what makes Brick Dust & Glitter shine so bright.

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Let’s start at the beginning! We love Brick Dust and Glitter and would love to know what inspired you to start up a blog?

I have always been creative and writing that down gave me an outlet to share it rather than just posting a picture to my Facebook page. Being able to share the development we'd carried out to the house also came at the time of starting the blog and that gave me some great content.

Your blog is a real family affair! What do you feel is the best part of having a family-run blog as opposed to going solo?

I need Rob’s help with all I write as I am dyslexic but it makes us a wonderful team and means that if I suggest things or want help or opinions its not an alien thing to him. With the children also being young when I started they made regular appearances but life always changes and as school has crept in I do feature myself more than ever now.

Gold bedside table

I love that people know us as a collective, having it more family based means that we can connect to more people which has brought us amazing opportunities.

What is on your home wish list right now?

A new sofa! We have a two-seater, as when we extended and only had a toddler and new baby, we didn’t want anything big. Now a 3-seater would be nice or a sleeker 2-seater but it is the only piece of furniture I never photograph as I don’t like it! That said, it is the comfiest piece of furniture we own!

Green Velvet Cushion

Your blog is so versatile! Out of your main 5 categories, which would you say is your favourite to write about?

I would say, home used to be my favourite but recently fashion has come to the forefront of the blog. I think it is because come September both kids will be at school so I am preparing the blog to slightly re-direct itself towards fashion and interiors more than anything else.

Gold bedside table

Your kitchen makeover is swoon-worthy (and not to mention oh so Instagram-able!) What would your top room makeover tip be?

I love a kitchen makeover as it's always the heart of the home so whatever you want to create in there has to be special, but I think Bathroom makeovers are often the biggest change. I am looking to do one soon and because there is so much to consider I think there's something really exciting about re-creating a very personal space like a bathroom. The bathroom is just to suit you as a family, often I think about how I style the rest of the house is also for extended family and friends, thinking about the best way to use space etc.

Gold side table

Speaking of Instagram, your theme is light, bright and super colourful – do you have any tips and tricks for maintaining a theme?

I love filters but if you use a mix of them it is never going to work. The key is consistency. I am not a colourful person, I mean, our entire house is painted white, I love muted shades but everything looks colourful against a white background. I work really hard on my Insta and what I have learnt is that focus on one thing. Don’t often try to get a cup of tea and flowers in the same picture in the same focus, it can look flat, rather focus on either the cup or the flowers and have the other items recessed. It makes a big difference to how you create a certain look. My other tip; daylight is your best friend. I never post pictures even slightly dull, it would ruin the consistency.

Green Velvet

What are your loves outside of the blogging world?

Dancing is a big thing for me. I don’t go as much as I used to as kids clubs have taken over our life but It is a real love of mine.

Also I do love baking, again though time is the key!

What’s your favourite spot in your home?

More recently I change our spare room into an office space and I just get such clarity in there. It is great for picture taking and it has given me an area away from the dining table that can just be for me and my stuff.

We love that you write about your local loves in Lincoln – if you could recommend anywhere for us to visit in your city, where would it be and why?

If you were to come to Lincoln, the main area I would suggest you go to is the Bailgate and Cathedral Quarter. Not only does this area host all independent shops and boutiques but the Cathedral is a colossal building which is worth visiting. It also sits opposite to the castle which means you can see two of our main attractions really easily.  While you are in that area too you can wander down Steep Hill and pop into Bunty’s Tea Room which is my favourite place to stop!

And finally, what the most cherished item in your home?

The very first Roberts Radio I was ever bought. I got it for my 16th birthday from my grandparents and it is bright pink. Unfortunately it doesn’t work anymore but it is a very special piece to me and it sits in my bedroom.

Quick Fire Questions…

Ultimate design crush? That’s a hard one, there are so many areas…….fashion at the moment is Gucci; everything coming out of their design house makes me want to save every penny I get. Interiors ; I love following Ben Pentreath on Instagram as his use of colour is really inspiring.

Best advice you’ve been given…?  Practice makes perfect. I always make sure I am well practiced in something before I share it. I hate failing and I love the struggle to get something right as the end product always fills me with such happiness.

Guilty Pleasure? NCIS (TV show) How embarrassing!

Dream Holiday destination? The whole of Italy!!

Popping colours or bright whites? Bright whites.

Latest Blog you’ve read? Jess Soothill Blog

And…. If you were a jacket, what kind of jacket would you be? Leather Biker Jacket!!

If you'd love to see more from the lovely Emily of Brick Dust & Glitter, you can see her blog post on how to get the above look in your home right HERE.

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