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Meet Bunty Living | Blogger of the Month

Hello, I’m Bunty! I’m a wife, mummy of three, a lifestyle blogger and I live in Lincoln with my gorgeous family of boys.

Bunty Living Blog

Since becoming a mum my home style has definitely gravitated towards a more practical approach. Let’s be honest, sticky little fingers are still a daily occurrence so I try not to be too precious about our things. That said, I have such a passion for interior design, it’s grown loads with our various house moves over the years. I love effortless, minimal spaces with a little nod to classical Scandinavian decor- in fact, I think the whole world is falling in love with Scandinavia all over again!

How did you start blogging/What’s the story behind Bunty Living?

I started blogging three years ago wanting to create a bit of a visual diary of my life as a mum. Back then we only had our eldest, Noah and I was very much a novice parent! As my confidence grew, I started sharing more about my life as a new mum and getting more interaction from readers. As my enjoyment for blogging grew, I also began covering more lifestyle topics such as fashion, homewares, and interior design and it sort of spiralled from there!

You have three little boys, aptly named The Rascals – have you found your interior style has changed since having the boys?

Ultimately, I’ve learned that first and foremost, the kids need a home that feels like a home and not a show home. As their mum though, I sometimes find it hard to balance channelling my personal enthusiasm for interior style and pouring that into the home, all the while picking up lego bricks from my feet and mopping jam from the walls! But there is always a happy balance to be found where every member of the household can feel safe, relaxed and comfortable. Since having the boys my style has definitely evolved; personally, I feel most calm and relaxed in an environment that is minimal, organised and easy to maintain on a day-to-day basis.

gold leaf side table

Your home looks awash with fresh greenery – what are your top tips on keeping your house plants alive?

Have a husband with green fingers! I’m the worst person for keeping plants alive and if it weren’t for my husband’s dedication to watering our plants, they’d be long gone! But I do love the way they instantly bring vibrancy and life to a room. I’ve totally fallen in love with having plants in the home this year!

You travel a lot round the UK with your family – where are your favourite spots?

Some of our absolute favourite spots are the coastlines along North Devon. I grew up there and whenever we’re passing through, we make a point of hitting up our local surfing beach, Croyde. Something about being there feels like the ultimate escape! There is nothing lovelier than feeling the breeze whipping through your hair and the salty taste of the sea air. It’s  balm for the soul!

Gold side table

When you travel, do you prefer hotels or more of a home away from home? 

I’m not going to lie, there’s nothing nicer than a hotel meal all prepped for you when you’ve been on the road all day with restless kids!  However, we definitely appreciate a bit of space to spread out when we’re on the road. I think a home away from home experience is probably more our style these days!

What’s your favourite area in your home?

Our bedroom- I feel like it’s a little corner of the world that’s my own and where I don’t have to be stepping over toys or sippy cups! We’re redecorating our bedroom at the moment and I’m really enjoying infusing it with feminine colours and textures. I am outnumbered by boys after all, so having a little space where I can just relax and escape to at the end of the day feels like such a luxury.

Leaf Motif Side Table

Are you planning on changing/making over next any parts of your home soon?

We’re working on our bedroom at the moment and I’m fully enjoying the process- thank you Pinterest!

When you travel, what do you miss most about your bedroom?

The bed! There’s nothing like coming home to your own bed, is there?

What are you coveting/dreaming of (an item) for your home at the moment?

I have my eyes on a beautiful dressing table at the moment- don't tell my husband!

What can we expect to see in 2017 from Bunty Living?

I am really enjoying experimenting with fashion at the moment, so hopefully more of that. I love the idea of taking current trends and translating them into something that works for you- watch that space!

Pink French Chair

Quick Fire questions…

Tea or coffee?


Night owl or early bird?

Early bird (not by choice though- I have a 1 year old! :p)

Latest blog you’ve read?

Kate La Vie

Vintage, designer or high street?

Definitely a mix- can I say that?

I wish someone had told me… 

you don't have to have it all together, all the time!

Favourite Instagram feed at the moment?

I seriously can't peel my eyes away from Kate La Vie's!

Dream Holiday destination?

We'd love to travel around America & New Zealand at some point!

And…. If you were a jacket, what kind of jacket would you be?

Black leather all the way!

gold side table

If you want to read more about how to get Bunty's look, head over to her wonderful blog HERE.

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