For all their cheeky ways, naughty moments and attention-seeking stunts, our pets have been a real comfort to us throughout lockdown.  Their constant companionship, unwavering loyalty and warm presence kept many of us going, but did you know about the physical and mental benefits our furry friends can bring?

Pets, especially dogs and cats, can reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, ease loneliness, encourage exercise and playfulness, and even improve your health. A university study found that simply stroking a dog for just 15 minutes boosts the so-called "feel-good" hormones!

To say thank you for looking after us during lockdown we thought we would do a post sharing our customers' gorgeous pets, stunningly modelling their FBC goodies!

Leading the way is Alfie the lurcher: his modelling career started a little later in life but since he was rescued along with his sister Lyla, he loves posing for the camera - even if it is in his sister's bed!
Photographed by Federico @alfieandlyles

Alfie's sister Lyla doesn't always get her Posh Pooch Pink Pet Bed to herself, but when she does, she uses the time to reflect and chill!
Photographed by Federico @alfieandlyles

Rupert is not over the moon about sharing the limelight with the Cheetah and Palm cushion! But he hopes that if it goes well, he might get his ultimate treat of sleeping there tonight!
Photographed by Megan @meganaceinteriors

Skye is known for being a bit of a diva, but who can blame her with those emerald green eyes as she languidly lounges on the Colette Bouquet White Cotton Quilted Bedspread?
Photographed by Victoria @westendstyling

Some days it is just too hard to get going in the morning and sweet little Ella has no intention of getting out of her comfy Normandy Rattan bed!

As the lovely Lola lives at FBC headquarters she is very used to photoshoots and sometimes finds the whole thing rather tedious. She stills commands the camera but too often gets told her images lack energy!

Chief stands most regal, gazing out the window, perfectly poised next to the Delphine Dressing table. Captured by Rose at @rosehoneymorgan

We love this shot of little Mini's gorgeous face coyly peering round the Lottie High Footboard bed. But wonder if she is allowed up there!
Photographed by Laura from @laurajbland

Here we have the lovely Coco shyly looking over her shoulder as she smoulders into the camera, next to our Chateauneuf one-drawer bedside. Photographed by Amee from @regent_lodge_georgian_home

If you would like to share photos of your four-legged friends, please do so on Instagram using #FBCpaws.