Don't just confine a console to the hallway - if surfaces are scarce in your scheme, create an extra one with a console behind your sofa, on a blank wall or even to divide a room into different zones. Display your favourite pieces on it and handily store pieces underneath it - you'll never go back to a boring bookcase again.

Console Tables

Versailles Gold Console Table (small): £695. 2 Rama & Sita Turquoise Console Table: £245. 3. Anne-Marie Console Table: £295. 4 Louis Striped Console Table: £1150. 5 Gaga Silver Console Table (large): £495.
Dad's Antique Console Table: £435

The console table styles out there are more exciting than you think! Banish boring oak and think silver leaf carvings, marble tops and moongate handles. For a truly glamorous look, a Parisian-style console table in distressed gorgeous gold gilt, with the most elaborate of carvings and luxe marble top, will add instant opulence to any scheme - it fits perfectly up against the wall of course too with its flat back edge, so whether you use it as a make-up table in your bathroom, a French dressing table area in your boudoir, or as a traditional console table in your living room to store and show off your favourite "things".


Flights of Fancy Cotton Satin in Duck Egg & Peach Stripe: £68/metre, House Of Hackney.
London Toile on Linen Union: £108/metre, Timorous Beasties

You've added that extra tabletop, now make use of the storage space beneath. If there's a lower shelf (or even if there isn't!), invest in some storage solutions from Leather & Lavender - their selection of stunning cowhide and leather magazine magazine holders and boxes are a god-send for stylishly stashing away paperwork, fabric swatches, or photographs in them. If you want to hide away what happens underneath your French console table, create a concealing curtain with some amazing toile fabric with a twist - check out Timorous Beasties or House Of Hackney. This could be the perfect opportunity to treat yourself to a fabric which you'll only need a couple of metres of!

Image: Afflante

The more unique the style of table or styling atop it, the more pleasing and welcoming your hallway can be. If gloves and scarves are cluttering coat hooks and dog leads are a tangled mess by the door mat, bring some instant order to the space and your morning schedule as you walk out of the front door and get them stashed in a console drawer or two. Having a home for this "stuff" leaves you plenty of breathing space for that stunning French mirror - whether hung on the wall above it for last-minute make-up touch-ups, or a huge oversized piece of art, or mirror propped on the table (and safely attached to the wall!) as a confident statement piece which also helps to bounce the sunlight around the space. Fill the console tabletop with a vase or three of fresh flowers, create little displays of favourite and functional pieces - a ceramic moneybox for loose change, a Moroccan soapstone bowl for keys and tickets, or a pair of neat little table lamps at each end to brighten up the space. And this set-up can be translated to any room beyond just a hallway.

If you need just a touch more storage with your new tabletop, why not use a French chest of drawers in the same way as a classic console table. Solve your storage conundrums and create a styled surface all in one go!