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Create a Relaxing Atmosphere in your Bedroom

We spend nearly a third of our lives sleeping, so it’s really worth investing time in making your bedroom just perfect, inducing a feeling of calm, improving sleep patterns and creating a feeling of wellbeing. Waking to a beautiful, clutter-free space, will ensure each morning starts with a positive feeling and an outlook to match.

Regardless of bedroom size there are always options when it comes to layout. Choosing where to locate your French bed or upholstered bed and the direction it faces can make a big difference to sleep patterns. Be smart when positioning furniture; try not to position the bed next to the radiator, as this can not only be uncomfortable, it also blocks the heat from circulating efficiently around the room. If the property is in an apartment block, for example, think about which wall is the quietest and arrange the furniture accordingly.

The choice of color scheme could be more important than might be thought. It is a little known fact that some of the most relaxing color schemes for bedrooms are those that most accurately reflect the shades found in nature. Soft beige and biscuit colors of shabby chic furniture are calming and warm, whereas pastel greens are easy on the eye and feel uplifting on dull days. Ivory and white painted furniture are luxurious and light, creating a sense of space and accentuating high ceilings. Choosing soft, neutral colors also creates a blank canvas, providing the most options when it comes to considering décor and style of your French furniture.

Possibilities for bedroom furniture vary widely. Natural wood works well for a homely, rustic feel, while some may prefer the sharpness and cleanliness of more modern pieces in monochrome colors. French style furniture combines elegant vintage pieces (such as White Dressing Tables), with classic style with more contemporary lighting and fabrics. Whichever interior design inspiration is preferred it is essential to remember that less is more when it comes to the basics. Try teaming plain white painted furniture and simple functionality, such as shabby chic bedside tables and French chests of drawers, with ornate French mirrors and vintage upholstered chairs to achieve a fresh, classic feel.

Try to ensure that the room is kept cool and shaded, in both summer and winter. To avoid early wake-up calls from blinding sun streaming through the curtains, try teaming floaty linen curtains with functional blinds to block out the light. Alternatively, consider incorporating shutters into the design as they help to keep the room cool and dark in the warmer months, block out sound and add a touch of understated class.

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