The last lockdown was tough: many of us felt isolated, overwhelmed and out of control. We got through it by leaning on each other - reaching out to offer support and connecting with others online. Here at FBC, we truly appreciated your messages and comments, and so as we enter this second lockdown, we wanted to return the feel-good vibes.

We see these next four weeks as an opportunity to have a clear out; our minds of unhelpful thoughts and our environments of things we no longer need. And the timing couldn’t be better, with the festive season approaching and all the decorations, presents and general ‘stuff' that comes with it, what could be better than starting with a clean slate?

To kick things off, we are going to start in our favourite place - the bedroom!

Having the right storage in your bedroom is essential. Smart yet chic storage keeps your bedroom clear of mess. Your bedroom should be a calm, sanctuary-like retreat. If you have a wardrobe that is brimming over, drawers that get stuck and accessories that are unorganised, it is not going to make you feel relaxed or in control. Nor help you find what you’re looking for in a rush!

How good will it feel to have all your favourite dresses hanging on matching hangers, beautifully displayed in your French Style Armoire? Opting for a larger, maybe 7-drawer French style chest of drawers (or perhaps a matching pair) so you can properly organise and see all your lovely tops and undergarments. Adding a handy upholstered ottoman to store handbags, bed linen or even laundry, so your surfaces are clear to display your curated collection of treasures.

We may be slightly biased given our love of French Style Furniture, but we imagine you too are dreaming of a similar vision!

So where to start?

Start by clearing out - you might not believe you have anything to part with, but follow these steps, and we will have your belongings streamlined in no time.

Get plenty of bags ready for items heading to charity or recycling and get EVERYTHING out! Everything includes coats, dressing gowns, underwear, shoes, bags. Check the laundry basket, even your jewellery box! Clear out the chest of drawers, trunks, under the bed and wherever else you keep your clothes and accessories.

Once you have everything out, start by picking up the first item. Examine it, check for marks or holes, missing buttons or stuck zips. Think about how it makes you feel. A vast amount of our emotional state is based on how we present ourselves. Imagine how good you feel, putting on your favourite outfit. How it makes you walk taller, feel confident, and the day just all that much sweeter. You deserve to feel like that every day, so why put something on that doesn’t quite cut it? 

If you feel guilty because you made a mistake purchasing it or it was a gift, that is no reason to keep it. If it’s worth something, take it to a nearly new shop and get them to sell it for you - and use the funds to find something that makes you feel fabulous! Pieces that don’t currently fit you are tricky, but you can still think about the item and imagine yourself wearing it. If you really can’t bear to part with it box it up and check on it in a few months. Chances are you will have moved on and need to send those items on their way, making room for more of what you love.  

Don’t ask others for their opinion, this is about you and what makes you shine - other people will always have different views and sometimes quite bizarrely can be scared of you changing, you don’t have to listen or feel bad: this is for you!

Now here’s the critical bit: take all the stuff and get rid of it now! Straight to charity, a clothes bank or sell it, but don’t put it in the loft or the shed, make space and tune in to how good that makes you feel!

Next put everything you decided to keep away. Do it with care and respect, enjoy yourself! Invest in new hangers and pop lavender bags or cedarwood in your drawers to deter moths. These are your favourite items, and you’ll want to keep them in the best possible condition. Arrange it nicely, so you feel happy every time you open your French Style Armoire or drawers.

“The secret of happiness is understanding once you have less, you will have so much more……

In creating an organised and decluttered home, you will find more time just for you. With less mess to constantly tidy away you regain precious time back. Enabling you to find things easily, as each item now has a home, which also means that you will spend a lot less time cleaning. You can now easily see what you own, as items are neatly grouped together and visible.   

You will start to become more aware of how easy it is to say no to things that no longer serve you in your life. Leaving you the freedom to spend your time, energy and money on things that make you feel good and that truly matter to you.”

K The Interior Warrior @ktheinteriorwarrior

If you have any top tips that help you keep organised, we would love to hear from you! Please come and see us on Instagram for more ways to feel good this lockdown.