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How to: Decorate Your Home With Yellow

What's Trending? Yellow! We're giving tips on how to bring a touch of sunshine to your home this summer from popping yellow bedroom cushions to sumptuous velvet throws - we're cutting the mustard!

As Beyoncé strutted down a city street (wielding a baseball bat!) in her 2016 video for ‘Hold Up’, she brought hope, optimism and empowerment to a generation. This positive uprising wasn’t the result of her confident demeanour; her belted, power-to-the-woman lyrics or the fact that Queen Bey can gather a joyous crowd of children while destroying vintage cars - but down to the colour of her, striking Roberto Cavalli, yellow dress.

The rising popularity of the colour yellow has, by many, been attributed to this 2016, pivotal - car smashing - moment. Soon after in 2017, other influential celebs – Gigi Hadid, Blake Lively and Kendall Jenner – were seen in ‘man-repeller’ yellow outfits, cementing the zestiest of tones as ‘Gen-Z Yellow’.

If Millennial Pink is the sassy, fashion-focused girl who carefully curates her Instagram feed with flat-lay lattes, coffee table books and luxury scented candles, while preparing her avocado on rye, then Gen-Z Yellow is her carefree, confident younger sister who is more about living a well-travelled, authentic life than snapping it for social media.

But just because a colour is defined by a generation in name, it doesn’t give that age bracket exclusivity to its use. It simply means it’s been brought to the fore by this generation for all to enjoy and, like with all interior trends, has taken a little while to trickle into our homes, but now is the time for going bananas! From ochre to canary, neon to mustard, pops of yellow are bringing joy, life and unbridled fun to our rooms – compared to the sultry drama of jewel tones - but if you’re not sure how to turn up the sunshine in your home, here are a few pointers to get you started.

Yellow Home Accessories

Like with all things – start small. Adding pops of yellow such as plump yellow bedroom cushions or luxurious velvet throws will give you a good idea if you love living with the colour du jour. Provided your surrounding scheme is relatively neutral - yellows work well with both warm, creamy beige schemes and cool grey palettes – adding yellow homewares should be 'easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy'!

Mellow Yellow for a Classic Home

Just because Gen-Z have been credited with the vogue for yellow is not to say honey tones are perfect for a classic, period home. We’ve been bringing vibrant blooms into our homes for centuries, to brighten a French console table or bedside table; our Ochre floral bed linen is the perfect way to bring a subtle hint of yellow to a beautiful bedroom styled with traditional French style furniture.

Just a Dash of Lemon

While we love the latest interior trend for yellow, there’s most certainly too much of a good thing in this instance. One or two yellow accents are enough to make a room sing (like a canary!); if you’re brave enough to opt for yellow walls, maybe stop there and create a monochrome scheme with luxury furniture, contemporary artwork and beautiful home accessories to break up the brights.

However you choose to bring yellow into your home – have fun, after all, that’s what yellow is all about!

If you'd like more tips and advice on styling your home, contact our knowledgeable in-house stylists; and, for interiors inspiration, take a look at our Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook pages. We are always happy to chat through your ideas for luxury beds, shabby chic furniture, and exquisite interiors.

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