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Design Tips for A Small Bedroom

Unfortunately, we are not all blessed with huge amounts of square footage in our bedrooms - especially considering in some parts of London a double bedroom of 10'x12' would set you back £240k*, yes, that's just the bedroom! But what these rooms may lack in space they can well and truly make up for in character, charm, cosiness and comfort.  There's something almost womb-like about being cocooned in a smaller bedroom, tucked up in your own little world. A diminutive bedroom sometimes manages to convey more about the person who lives there, as the items within have been carefully thought out and are obviously considered important to be granted valuable space. Another great benefit to having a smaller scale bedroom is that the design can remain simple without getting too overwhelming, you simply don't have the space to over-complicate it.

Here's some gorgeous small bedrooms we would want to climb into...

Design Tips for a small bedroom blog, small bedroom ideas collage

Our top tips for getting the most out of your bijou bedroom:

The Bed

The bed needs to be the focal point in a small bedroom.  To create the illusion of a larger area it's best to opt for a bed without a footboard and with visible space underneath, like our Provencal Column Bed below, not only does it open up the available space visually it's also less to walk around.  If storage space needs to be maximised it's a good idea to have a headboard with a divan including drawers. There's so much storage space to be had within a divan - we are able to add up to four drawers, just think of all the shoes and handbags you could stash!


Provencal Column Bed, £1250.

Bedside Table

We recently mentioned in our Bedside Story blog the benefits of a floating shelf as a bedside table.  Having a wall hung shelf in a small bedroom gives the perfect surface required for all your "bedside bits" without taking up valuable floor space. If space really is limited, with very little at the side of the bed you could move this shelf to above the bed which is a good way to practically decorate the wall too.  Add a plant, some books and a couple of treasured trinkets and you have functional wall art!


Save that valuable bedside table space and use the main pendant light to the max - make sure you've got plenty of flex, position to the side of the bed and have this low hung. Voila, bedside lamp and light all in one!


Curtains are a big no no in a bijou bedroom - they clutter the space with excess fabric.  Shutters, roller blinds and venetian blinds are the perfect window coverings.


We reflected (pun intended) on the amazingness of mirrors last week on the blog, needless to say adding a mirror to a petit boudoir will enhance the light and airiness.  If the view from your window is worth repeating, having the mirror opposite the window will increase the natural light flowing into your room.


White, white and more white! We love the space enhancing properties of all white walls, floors and white bedding.  Patterns will make the space feel full and cluttered. The goal is Light, airy, spacious!

Here's our ideal small bedroom products for making the most of the available space and creating your own little world...

Design Tips for a small bedroom blog, french bedroom company products white painted items

1. Chelsea Upholstered Bed, £945; 2. Strictly Studded Wall Mirror, £239;

3. King Edison Pendant Light, £480; 4. Provencal White Painted Tallboy, £609;

5. Serenity Table Lamp, £99; 6. Sumptuous Silk Cushion, £25;

7. Ivory Silk Bedspread, £360; 8. Industrial Silver Bedside Table, £149;

9. Ombre Silk Cushion, £52.

*This is based on square footage price in SW3 of £2007 per square foot.

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