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Do Come In! Inspiration for your Hallway

First impressions count, and whether it's greeting guests or simply for your own benefit as you walk through the front door after a long day at work, your hallway will set the tone for the rest of your home, so give it some extra thought.  Think inviting, think striking, but most importantly, make sure it works for you - there's a lot to squeeze in to this space.

First off, why not re-think the bland plain oak console table - going for a decorative French console table boasting a durable marble top and drawers with elaborate carved frontages means that the hallway needn't be a room that sits separately to the rest of the considered and styled rooms in your home.

Sassy Boo Console

Sassy Boo Black Console Table: £695

A pretty French Dressing Table isn't the obvious choice for an entrance area, but it will add an elaborate feminine twist, inspiring an eclectic French romantic scheme amongst creams, dusky pinks and gold accessories. It will offer plenty of tabletop space for dumping post and keys, and a selection of little drawers means that you can separate and hide away your hallway paraphernalia in an organised fashion.

How about opting for a single French-style bedside table if space is minimal in your hallway?  It might just be the perfect solution for popping a telephone on, or as a charging station for mobiles, and any drawer or cabinet space can hide away the clutter that is endless pairs of mittens, pashminas, dog leads, etc.

If serious storage is of the essence for your hall, consider a grand French chest of drawers or cabinet, giving you a vast tabletop surface for the essentials like post and keys as well as a decorative touch like a vase of lillies, and substantial storage underneath for hiding away laptop bags, scarves, and shoes.

Clearing away the clutter and moving storage up onto the walls with shelves or hooks is a must if floorspace is at a premium. There are so many beautiful options out there to fit your scheme so get creative with them - this brass horse head hook from Anthropologie (2. below) will look stunning on against a grand wallpaper or against dark woodwork, instantly smartening up a scheme.


 1. Hector Plated Five Hooks: Rowen & Wren. 2. Horse Bust Hook: Anthropologie. 3. Metal Post Box: Cox & Cox.

Getting the lighting right in your hall is essential – it's got to make the rest of the home feel cosy, as well as be well-lit enough for those vital last minute make-up re-touches before you rush out of the door! If you haven’t quite got it right at the moment with a single ceiling light, think multiples! A pair of wall sconces or wall lights, or paired table lamps on a console table will provide plenty of additional light. Pairing will also give the scheme a symmetrical, smart feel - a simple interior designer's secret!  If you want to create drama in your entrance space, a grand oversized chandelier as a focal point or a series of multiple dainty little chandeliers running the length of your hallway will do the trick!

Normandy Classic Chest

 Normandy Classic Chest: £445. Can-Cannes Table Lamp: £99

French Mirrors are another secret weapon in a hallway - they'll make the space appear larger and they'll be so well used for make-up or hair re-touches as you leave the house. Hang them above a console table or create a feature by propping a small one on a shelf with other pictures and favourite objects alongside it. Or think large - a propped full-length mirror or oversized mirror is ideal for checking your whole outfit from top to toe before you leave the house!

Strictly Studded

Strictly Studded Floor Mirror: £525. Large Gaga Silver Console Table: £495. Daphne Table Lamp: £145

If you need help with your hallway, do get in touch!

Author: , Managing Director, The French Bedroom Company

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