Whether creating a full dressing area, or pimping up the pampering factor with some transforming treats, here's how to get indulgent in your boudoir...

Pamper a

Peek-a-Boo Linen Studded Dressing Screen: £645; Ensconced White Wall Light: £99; Fancy Floris Venetian Mirror: £175; What the Butler Saw Tray Table: £240; Grey Icelandic Sheepskin Rug: £90; Drool Stool: £99; Delphine Shabby Chic Dressing Table: £725; Bois Ancien Scented Candle by Cote Noire: £22

A dressing table is quite a luxury item of French Furniture in most bedroom schemes, with practical and essential storage furniture - French Wardrobes, chests of drawers, blanket boxes, tallboys - all taking up the bulk of floor and wall space. If you think you would never be able to squeeze one in, think taller and you just might. A much taller chest of drawers or second shabby chic wardrobe could be standing in place of two lower chests of drawers, so condense and conquer! The space where one of those low chests of drawers once stood has made way for your shabby chic dressing table! Whether you opt for Venetian glass or a French distressed antique white dressing table, dress the space with decadent accessories for a neat self-contained area - frame the table with decorative wall lights for a well-lit nose powdering, a soft rug underfoot like one of our Icelandic sheepskins for an indulgent feel underfoot, also a dressing screen to drape clothes over whilst you dress and to contain the space as though it were a separate dressing room. A secondary table to the side with another French mirror above it if you have the space can house any overflow of beauty products, or can be a hair styling station.

Pamper b

Candied PomegranateReine de la NuitLac du Bourget Room Sprays, £22 each

Your dressing room or area should have everything at your fingertips to make getting ready a pleasure rather than a chore, so plenty of little drawers and a good surface area on your shabby chic dressing table are a must. As are good-sized French mirrors with opulently ornate carved frames, to suit the rest of a scheme of French style furniture. A pretty wallpaper as a backdrop is a must and we're particularly excited about the new Poetica collection from our favourites Harlequin, launching soon (we'll be featuring them on a blog post very soon), is so stunning - perfect for a French dressing table wall (don't forget the offcuts for lining your dressing table drawers) - a stunning collection of faded floral designs brought to life with metallic accents and a beautiful plastered-wall effect plain. And to complete the air of pampering extravagance in the room, choose from our new collection of scented candles and room sprays, with boudoir-chic tasselled fabric atomisers - there's Candied Pomegranate (caramel, sugar and honey, berry and pomegranate), Reine de la Nuit (gardenia, jasmine and osmanthus) or Lac du Bourget (oriental lily, honeysuckle and ivy).

Pamper c

Artemisia Hand & Body Cream: £28; Ladies' Fragrance Collection: £30; Lavandula Soap: £23;
Juniper Sling Eau de Toilette: £110 for 100ml, all Penaligon's

We've recently been reminded of how stunning Penhaligon's packaging is, and are picturing their whole range dotted around on our white painted furniture rather nicely! Here's just a small selection of what's on our wishlist at the moment... now go pamper!

Author: , Managing Director, The French Bedroom Company