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Favourite Spring Scents

At this time of year, nature is giving a sensory display worth capturing for our homes. We'd love to bottle the bright blue sky with wafts of white clouds; yellow sun rays as they shine through freshly sprouted leaves on the reawakened trees and the joy of skipping lambs. What's not to love about Spring? It brings hope, optimism and the promise of longer, warmer days, plus there's the chance to freshen our wardrobes with a summery edge!

Just as soon as the crocuses start to show their brightly coloured buds above the still crisp ground, we're out with the heavy, warming, spicy scents of Winter and thinking of our favourite floral Spring fragrances to get us in the Spring mood. But what does Spring smell like for you? We asked for your thoughts...

The French Bedroom Company Blog, Our Favourite Spring Scents - floral, cut grass, flowers, bluebells, gardenia, honeysuckle. With quotes from bloggers, facebook fans and Jo Malone

Georgia Metcalfe, Founder of The French Bedroom Company georgia

"The smell of bluebells reminds me of childhood walks in the woods at Easter time. The all encompassing fragrance brings warm, happy feelings - perfect for this time of year." 

Jo Malone MBE, British Perfumer

jo-malone"My first job was in a flower shop on Elizabeth Street and it was here I fell in love with Paperwhites, this pretty white flower which is shaped like a tiny trumpet and sings with scent."

Sally Parkinson, Facebook 

"Honeysuckle, especially after a welcome thunderstorm on a humid Yorkshire summers evening. (Ok, humid Yorkshire evenings were a rare event, but that made them all the more special)."

Jess AKA The Only Girl in the House Blog

"I love the smell of freshly cut grass - that first mow of the year harks the beginning of alfresco dining,jess the kids playing in the garden and evening dog walks."

Cynthia Tanfield Rivenbark , Facebook

"Lilacs. My grandmother had large lilac bushes outside her house, and their fragrance would waft into the house when the windows were open and delicately perfume the house."

Unfortunately, there's still a little bite in the air, so throwing open all the windows and doors isn't always an option - so how do you get those yearned for fresh, Spring scents into your home? Try a scented candle, reed diffusers and fresh blooms, these are a sure fire ways to bring some of that outdoors goodness inside. Here's some of our Spring scent essentials...

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