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Fighting off the Winter Cold

If you're beginning to realise that summer is behind us, and have found that your home is lacking the 'cosy' feel that you would like, we've got lots of beautiful products to make your home a place you'll never want to leave. Beautiful cushions, rugs and throws are a great way of bringing textures, colours and comfort into your home, there are lots of styles out there and no doubt you will find something that will fit in with your existing furniture.

Our fabulous range of Pretty Cushions can instantly bring an inviting feel to any bed, sofa or armchair. Whether you want something bright to offset the neutral tones in your room, or something understated to enhance your room we've got plenty of designs to inspire you. The Eye for Design cushion is fun but not too bright, attracting attention and adding a touch of fashion to your comfortable sofa or deep armchair. Our Island, Kerala and Maharaja cushions have soft, warm tones that will add some colour without being garish. The soft velvet material will also add some texture and warmth to your French bed - just the ticket for those cold evenings. If you're looking for something fun then our French Bulldog, Brighton Burlesque and Flamin' Go cushions will all add a quirky feel to your room without looking out of place. Or for simple elegance we have some beautifully crafted cushions such as the Colette Ice, Bless Your Heart Pretty cushions and Rural Retreat Pillow Shams.

Eye for Design Cushion £75 ; Pink Love Cushion £65;  Garden Party Cushion £40;
French Bulldog Cushion: £75; True Amour Cushion: £75

Once you have the cushions in hand, bringing throws and bedspreads into your rooms is a great way of adding textures and layers as well as warmth. Luxuriously soft blankets like our Emily Knitted Throw, Highland Hug Throw, and Comfort Blanket will all instantly add a feeling of luxury and comfort to your room with their thick knitted materials. You can also add extra layers with different throws made from different fabrics to create a really luxurious looking bed or sofa. Our Mink, Pom Pom White and Husky Throws will all add even more texture and layers to a room. Inject some colour into your room with our lambswool pink Union Jack Throw, Queen of Hearts Red & White lambswool Blanket and velvet Trippy Granny Throw. All are thick, sumptuous and on the larger side so you can curl up, keep warm and feel right at home.

Our Beautiful Range of Throws

Comfort Blanket £115. Highland Hug Throw £125. Husky Throw: £95. Arctic Throw: £95

If you feel that your beds and sofas are already adorned with enough cushions you can look to the floor to bring some warmth to your room. A cowhide or rug can add colour and bounce light around the room as well as complement your existing furniture. We've got some beautiful bright colourful cowhides such as our Rollo Red and Appley Dappley Green as well as some more sedate Sheepskin Ivory and Black. We have funky in the form of our Zebra Cowhide and Midas Touch Giant Patchwork Rug which combines flecks of gold with natural hide. Or something more traditional in our brown and white, black and white and beige and white cowhides. Hides are natural pieces and they all vary adding a unique feel to your rug of choice and a softer feel to your room.

Rugs and Cowhides

Appley Dapply Green Cowhide: £420. Midas Touch Gold Patchwork Rug: £845. Rollo Red Cowhide: £420. 
Black Sheepskin Rug: £60. Ivory White Sheepskin Rug: £60. 

All of our cushions, throws and rugs will look fantastic with our upholstered beds, French Dressing Tables and Bedroom Chairs. Whatever you're looking for we're here to help you create a beautiful room, in your beautiful home.

Author: , Managing Director, The French Bedroom Company

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