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Get Smart With Your Art

If you've outgrown your Ikea off-the-shelf printed canvases and your family photos are all looking cluttered and in need of re-framing, take a different approach to agonising over whether to splash out on an original piece of art and whether it's really "the one", and integrate art into your interior.

 Art unexpected places

Renaissance Rug: £688. Sistine Chapel Ceiling Pendant Light: £347. Rajasthani Man: £45

Artwork can appear in other forms than just in a frame on the wall. Our collection features art in the most unexpected places, so if you don't want to clutter your beautiful, carefully-chosen statement wallpaper or if your antique cream shabby chic French mirror is the star of the show above your French bed, integrating art into your furnishings can be a neat alternative way of showing your artistic leanings. We have options that range from the stunning image created by artist Himitsuhana on our Renaissance Rug, to the slice of Michelangelo on our Sistine Chapel Pendant Ceiling Light and the rather quirky graphic print on our Rajasthani Man cushion.

Huge art

Air Printed Canvas: £687 for Extra Large size (W137 x D4 x H173cm)

Make a huge statement with our "Air" and "Sea" printed canvases (both made in England), floor standing at 173cm high and 137cm wide, they would look stunning stood behind a free-standing bath or opposite your grand French Bed in a dressing area with low-hanging petite sparkling glass chandeliers and silken rug underfoot. The beautifully ornate frame is actually cleverly printed onto the canvas! For more ideas, you must visit the wonderfully inspirational website Surface View where you can order "Epic Posters" to handmade canvases and murals made to any size you like.

 Quirky portraits

Portrait Of Winston: £120. Portrait Of Godfrey: £120

Think quirky. A piece of ironic art or two to make you smile never goes amiss. If you worry that this won't fit your pretty shabby chic furniture scheme, keep the frames looking grand and ornate - oil painted portaits of dandy dressed-up dogs are still grown-up enough to adorn the walls in your scheme of French style furniture if they're in gold gilt frames!

Author: , Managing Director, The French Bedroom Company

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