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Getting a Good Night’s Sleep is Trendy in 2019: But How?

In need of inspiration from this year's biggest trends? Look no further than your own bedroom. While you’ll find plenty of style inspiration here at The French Bedroom Company, in 2019 boudoir-based fashion isn’t just focused on interiors. Pinterest has revealed that searches for sleep optimisation increased by 116% in 2018, reflecting a growing desire for optimal health as new year’s resolutions abound. The amount of sleep we need varies and you yourself will know how many hours have you feeling your best, but anything between seven and nine hours is considered healthy. Here are the top tips for ensuring you sleep soundly and wake up happy each day.

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Keep a sleep diary

A consistently peaceful sleep isn’t always easy to achieve. Reaching the enviable goal of easily and regularly drifting away each night can seem an impossible task, but it will be made much easier by recording your habits. Answering a specific set of questions every day can help to identify issues which are preventing you from dozing off, causing you to sleep erratically or making it difficult to wake up properly. These can include the time you went to bed, the amount of times you woke up in the night and what time you got up in the morning.

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Make your bedroom a sanctuary

We spend a significant amount of our lives in the bedroom, so it is worth making it a haven of tranquillity in order to have the perfect slumber. Create an elegant space to sleep in with a perfect bed, which is both stylish to behold and comfortable to sleep in. Ensure that your curtains adequately block out light to relax your mind properly; invest in pillows and duvets to support your head, maintain prime body temperature and feel sufficiently cosy; and get a luxury mattress which suits your sleeping style and body. For example, a firm mattress will help those who sleep on their back, while memory foam mattresses help if you’re prone to back pain.

Practise a sleep schedule

Sleeping better for life will significantly improve your mental health, make you more focused at work and improve your complexion and metabolism, to name but a few benefits. In order to create lasting change, you need to get into good habits permanently. This means trying to go to bed at the same time, or as similar a time as possible, every night – and waking at the same time every day. Resisting the urge to keep snoozing in the morning, or to stay up later, may be difficult on a weekend, but it’s well worth sticking with a routine.

Getting a Good Night's Sleep
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Focus on your breathing

Forget counting sheep if you want to slip into a sumptuous sleep. If you regularly find yourself tossing and turning, try some breathing exercises in order to calm anxious thoughts, clear your head and influence a deep and uninterrupted slumber. Try exhaling heavily through your mouth, then closing your mouth and inhaling through your nose for several seconds. Then hold your breath for several more seconds and exhale through the mouth again. And repeat! This should become a recurring habit which allows you to let go of stress and reach an almost meditative state each night.

Switch off at the End of the Day

It is notoriously harmful to have a lot of screen time before bed; staying switched on is not conducive to switching off. Yet studies have shown that 37% of adults check their phones before bed – even higher for under-35s, at 60%. Instead of looking at your phone or watching TV in the couple of hours before bed, steer clear of electronics and practise naturally relaxing activities such as reading, stretching or taking a bath. Similarly, try not to look at your phone first thing in the morning – you’ll feel much more alert during the day and your mood will significantly improve. If you need an alarm to wake up, use an analogue clock rather than the one on your mobile.

Bedroom design is so crucial in creating the ideal sanctuary for getting the regular rest your mind and body needs. This means putting together a space you love to be in, which feels calming and comfortable, lets in good light in the morning and shuts it out at bedtime. When it comes to furnishings, the graceful curves of French furniture are the perfect frame for a drifting into a long and blissful slumber. Browse our wide selection of beautiful beds to create your perfect refuge for a great night’s sleep.

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