Bring the zing back to your home by embracing a splash of neon brightness.  It's a strong trend for Autumn/Winter fashion as well as interiors, so be brave with colour, and you could re-discover what a single zesty shade can do for a pale room. If you're a stead-fast fan of an all-white or neutral scheme, a single fluorescent piece could provide a cleverly instant focal point within a room, so take the plunge by popping a shocking pink table lamp beside a linen armchair or hang a vibrant turquoise-framed French mirror above a traditional marble mantelpiece.  If you are colour-confident already, step the look up a gear with a rainbow of punchy shades.

 Fluoro Fringe Lighting & Formentera Armoire

Fluoro Fringe Floor Lamps (in Turquoise, Shocking Pink or Lime Green): £180.  Fluoro Fringe Table Lamps (in Turquoise, Shocking Pink or Lime Green): £140.  Formentera Armoire in Azure Blue: £1095

Pieces which combine traditional styling and vibrant colouring could convert you and your scheme without too much upheaval. Our clever Fluoro Fringe lighting for example, combines the classic styling of a traditional standard lamp with a bright, modern palette, so sit one of them beside a traditional French Bed or French Dressing Table, for an eclectic look that simply works.  Our Formentera Armoire features Moroccan white-washed carving with the most vivid of blue hues – team this with a natural white-washed French Bed and the details link the pieces together beautifully, regardless of the colour.    

Delphine Distressed Painted Bedside Table & Busy Lizzie Fuchsia Floor Lamp

Delphine Distressed Painted Bedside Table: £270.  Busy Lizzie Fuchsia Floor Lamp: £160

Alternatively, the bold contrast of a decorative and highly-detailed traditional French bed or French dressing table carved from mahogany with a simple-shaped, bright piece utilising modern materials can look stunning.  Our Delphine Distressed Painted Bedside Table for example would look strikingly sophisticated with our Busy Lizzie Fuchsia Floor Lamp stood next to it.  It's about giving a scheme a personal and timeless edge - and not always being tied and constrained to selecting pieces to sit next to each other because they are the same colour or from the same collection. We hope that the ideas shown in our photography can illustrate how easy it is to mix and match styles, colours, details, textures...  Trust your judgment and go for it, but if you need a second opinion, do get in touch with us here of course!

Author: , Managing Director, The French Bedroom Company