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Lovely Goodies Under £100

An exhilarating flash of colour, a new texture, a different scent for every room in the house, or a dog statue to greet you in your hallway next to your console table, what a difference £100, or a fraction of it, can make!

MAIN Under £100 a

Clockwise from top left - Rock and Roll Trash in White: £95. Primo Fiore Scented Candle, by Vigneto E Castello, Firenze: £22 Romeo & Juliet White Carved Shelf: £60. Flounce Flock Aquamarine Shade: £60
Lac du Bourget Room Spray: £22. Drool Stool: £99. Arthouse Cluster Shelves in Silver: £99

On our website, you may have noticed a new section entitled Goodies Under £100 - a collection of exactly that, to entice you towards the first steps in achieving perfection with beautiful shabby chic furniture in your French bedroom, on a budget. Or it could be the kind of little place to visit when you might not quite need to give in to bedroom boredom just yet - it might just be time for a few clever additions to perk up or prettify rather than completely overhaul your French furniture. Some flashes of deliciously brightly coloured cushions or a table lamp to cleverly contrast against your white painted furniture, or a quirky, unexpected moment like an owl stool could be an instant refreshing fix for you and your boudoir.

MAIN Under £100 b

Rutherford (20-376) wallpaper: £15 a roll, Graham & Brown. Cotswold Wall Clock , Blue: £40, John Lewis.
"YOU look amazing" print: £25, Karin Akesson, Culture Label

Your walls can be updated within this £100 budget too - this stunning wallpaper from the fabulous Lancashire-based Graham & Brown (their new website is brilliant) is only £15 per roll, so you can pretty much paper a whole room in it for under £100. Or grab a couple of rolls to line the inside panels of your carved French armoire doors, create drawer liners in your shabby chic chest, as well as paper a wall and create a backdrop in your boudoir. It doesn't have to be the usual accent wall behind your bed - how about the wall around a window to frame it, or the wall behind your bedroom sofa to create a pretty, peaceful area - a moment of calm away from storage furniture - the armoires and chests of drawers in a bedroom. Shift the balance and hang a mirror above your bed instead to bounce light around the space, or hang a quirky, original print to make you smile, and still have change for painting the entire wall it hangs from.

As we say on our new page, for less than £100 "You can still swing from a small chandelier, sink your feet into a sumptuous sheepskin rug, slink under cool, crisp sheets, snuggle under a fur throw, and we say that two miniature ornate French mirrors can look more striking and stylish than just one large French mirror!"

Author: , Managing Director, The French Bedroom Company

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