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Green With Envy

It's not the colour your design eye might necessarily be drawn to but give green a go and re-energise a room. After all, according to Pantone, 2013 is the year of emerald green...

MAIN Green a

Clockwise from top left - Appley Dapply Green Cowhide (Ex-Display): £299. Flounce Flock Emerald Shade: £60.
Trippy Granny Throw: £145. Pavillion Wallpaper MLW2213-03, Osborne & Little.
Fluoro Fringe Lime Green Floor Lamp: £180

Sprightly green bulbs sprouting out of frosty ground have recently brought green back to our attention. Our unusual Trippy Granny Throw and its vivid green chinoiserie effortlessly lifts crisp plain white bed linen, giving it a completely new look. Osborne & Little’s new Pavillion wallpaper (above) in zingy lime and white grand-scaled floral trellis design, and Vanessa Arbuthnott's Swedish Collection of 100% linens in vivid  pea greens - we say wallpaper a French bedroom wall or re-upholster your chaise longue or bedroom chair in one of these immediately for an instant bedroom pick-me-up!

An accent of green can also mean introducing a natural element to your room scheme. A little succulent plant or bunch of blooms picked fresh from the garden in a beloved vase or little French jar can bring life to a bedroom in an instant. A row of little similarly-sized vases with single stems of ranunculas or peonies along an elegant console table or a French dressing table, are an instant moodlifter. For a truly romantic French look, bring in a distressed stone planter you've unearthed at an antiques market, from outside and plant it up with an indoor rose.
Spring Greens moodboard

From left to right - Erin Ever After; 40 Winks; Living Home (Pinterest)

The versatility of green is demonstrated by the variety of shades and the very different tones and moods which they can each set depending on where they are placed. Dark and moody or vivid greens are so classic and grown-up when painted onto living room chimney breasts or onto smart panelled walls in hallways - suddenly your miniature room has the potential to be transformed into a stately home-style space. Brighter jade greens can look rich and opulent when painted onto a single wall behind a metallic French gold gilt bed, whilst Pantone have announced that emerald green is colour of the year for 2013 describing it as "Lively. Radiant. Lush… A color of elegance and beauty that enhances our sense of well-being, balance and harmony." Pastel mint greens remain calming, offsetting and reducing the overt-sweetness of a French furniture scheme based on dusky pinks or baby blues. Plenty of scope basically for bringing green into your home with ease - and success!

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