With less trick or treaters knocking on our doors this year, why not bring the decorations inside?

Pumpkins and squashes, fir cones, acorns and dried flowers all make wonderful decorations at this time of year, with a little craftiness you can make your home swoon-worthy. Rich shades of reds and oranges are not our usual colour palate but at this time of year, used sparingly, they can help cosy-up our homes before the Christmas decorations make an appearance.

Using natural props is the perfect balance if you’re environmentally conscious but want to create a chic and stylish Halloween backdrop. We’ve laid ours around our carved bed frames and atop our matching French bedside tables to cosy up into the season and embrace the softer side of October.

Twinkly Pumpkin Candles

We would like to share with you this quick and simple way to make a lovely table centre-piece, fireside or bedside table display - beautiful to style next to our classic French style Beds.

  • Choose an assortment of squashes and pumpkins in a variety of shapes and sizes but try to find ones with a flat bottom, so they are stable when completed.
  • Find a cookie cutter of similar that is the same size as a tea light (we have used a shot measure) and hammer it down over the stalk, alternating opposite edges, so it cuts evenly.
  • Pull out the stalk and pop in the tea light! Pumpkins and squashes can last a long time, but as soon as you cut into the fruit, it will start to go bad. You can extend the life by covering exposed areas with Vaseline or wax.

Velveteen Pumpkins.

These take a little sewing, but you should have no problems following our simple steps to create a beautiful handmade decoration. These look stylish in so many settings throughout the home, but we love them popped beside our velvet beds, especially fun in clashing shades if you’re feeling bold.

You will need:
Two colours of fabric (we suggest velvet)
Wadding or padding
A rubber band
Strong string
Needle and thread
Fabric scissors!

Choose a fabric to suit your taste, bear in mind a thinner material with a bit of give, will be easier to handle. Cut the fabric into a square by folding the fabric into a right-angled triangle and cutting along where the triangle ends. The size is up to you - we used the full width of the material for our large-sized pumpkin.

Lay your square of fabric down and place your wadding or filler in the middle. Next hold up the four corners - it helps if you have a spare pair of hands at this point! Bring the corners together and secure with a rubber band. Next, gather all the remaining edges and bring the band lower to secure once more.

When you have made sure there are no gaps where the wadding can escape, bind tightly with strong string and remove the rubber band.

Next cut a long strip of the fabric you selected for the stalk, about 2-3 inches wide.

Starting at the string, but ensuring you are covering it, wrap the fabric tightly around the lengths, making sure you slightly overlap each time, so none of the colour shows through. When you get to the end fold over the fabric, to hide the edge and sew in place.

Plump the filler and get the stalk centralised and there you have it. Mix different sizes and fabrics or you could get the family involved!

Get creative, have fun and please show us your results!