Whether your home’s space is at a premium, or you just don’t need a whole room dedicated to one or the other, creating a home office guest bedroom combination could be the perfect solution. Balancing a functional, productive environment for work with a calm and soothing space for your guests can seem like an impossible task, but it’s easier than you think! Here’s how.

The colour scheme

Choosing a colour scheme for a space that needs to be both a stimulating work environment and a sanctuary designed for sleep can be tricky. Luckily, there are lots of options.

Dark and dramatic – if you’ve always been tempted to try a darker colour on the walls, then this space could be just the place for it. A muted or navy blue creates a meditative space, perfect for reducing distractions and giving the room a feeling of luxury.

Pink – We need no excuse to use pink, well, pretty much anywhere we can! Soft, warm pinks are believed to help improve focus and creativity, as well as being calming, making it an ideal colour for a home office guest bedroom space.

Light and airy – Off-whites and greys offer a peaceful option for mindfulness and productivity. As long as you ensure that there’s still plenty of personality through your furniture and accessories, you can’t go wrong with pale greys or whites.

Dressing table or desk?

Your home office will need you to have a surface to work upon, but the question is: dressing table or desk? Our Palais de Normandy Luxury Writing Desk is the perfect option. Embodying opulent French style with hand-carved mahogany, gold gilt and a stone grey patina, it offers practicality without just being functional. Pop a mirror on the wall behind it and a statement lamp on top, and no one will ever guess that you use it as a place to work.

Bed or sofa bed?

We’d always recommend a proper bed, if you have room. We’d argue that a sofa bed isn’t a viable option if you’ll be regularly hosting guests, as they can be uncomfortable and break down easily after a lot of wear. Instead, choose a double bed, which is on the smaller side and more likely to give you room for your desk. A sturdy bed with a real luxury mattress will always give your guests a much better sleep than a sofa bed.

Hide your office essentials

You can avoid the space feeling corporate by making sure that you hide away your office paperwork, your printer, your papers and your files.

Our favourite piece of versatile storage is the armoire. No one will suspect that inside you’ll find everything to start a stationary store, as it’s so beautiful on the outside. Doubling as a wardrobe (depending on how much space you leave!), it’s a romantic statement piece that offers your guests somewhere to store their clothes and essentials while they stay with you. 

Don’t forget your accessories

No room is complete without accessories! And just because this space is for guests and work, doesn’t mean it can’t be beautiful. Whether you go for something to make you smile, like our playful Whatever Printed Canvas, or a patterned cushion to make a statement, make sure that your home office guest bedroom combination room is as stylish as any other room in your home.