The joy of staying with family and friends is that personal touch. Whether you’re staying with your Mum, who knows exactly how you like your evening cocoa, or your best friend who knows that you can’t be woken up for anything less than eggs royale and an Americano, it’s the intimate knowledge of someone that makes it special.

This feeling can be extended through your guest bedroom too. From the style, décor, and the choices of bedding to the finishing flourishes, discover our guide to how to create the perfect guest bedroom.

A snapshot of you

While your style might borrow heavily from hotel interiors, injecting your own personality into the room will make your guests glad they decided to stay with you.

From bright colour schemes to a painting that you love, don’t shy away from making the guest room a place that makes you happy – it’s still a permanent part of your home after all too.

We love the Gracious Grey Pair of Heron Artworks for a sophisticated Gucci-esque feel, or the Whatever Printed Canvas for a fun, flirty take on traditional oil paintings.  

A great night’s sleep

When it comes to choosing your beds for your guest room, it’s important that you’re asking the right questions. Who will your guests typically be? Family or friends? Couples or families? Choose the right beds for your guests, and it’ll mean that no one need take up the sofa or end up on the floor.

We love a sumptuous, upholstered bed for a guest room. Not only does it feel inviting and luxurious, but it means a comfy night’s sleep! Our Love Story collection features several beds that would be perfect for the guest bedroom, with their hand-carved oak frames and beautifully upholstered headboards. Pair with crisp white sheets for a luxurious feel or lean into your maximalist tendencies and opt for a big, beautiful pattern.

It goes without saying but if you want your guests to have a pleasant and soothing sleep, make sure you have the best of the best when it comes to the pillows, duvet and mattress. It will make the difference between a guest that can’t wait to get home to their own bed and one that never wants to leave!

Not everyone has the same body temperature, so layering blankets on the bed, or leaving them easily accessible, means that your house guests can create the cosy or cool sleeping experience they need. The Fleurs Du Jardin Blue Quilted Bedspread is a gorgeous edition to any guest bedroom, giving the bed a French country feel.

Light is a key element of a great night’s sleep too. You may have a gorgeous window dressing, but if it doesn’t block out light or provide privacy, then your loved one might not have the peaceful sleep you’d hope for them.

A sanctuary

Whether they’re staying for a good time or a long time, your guests need space to relax away from the rest of the household. A good guest room should be like a mini hotel room, providing them with everything they need without having to ask.

A seating area or a couple of chairs will go a long way to making the room feel like a sanctuary, giving loved ones a space to sit without having to use the bed.

The Imperial Armchair or Normandy French Upholstered Armchair are the perfect options, giving your guest a comfortable seat as they unwind. If space is at a premium, the more modern styled Angling for Gold Chair is a slimline armchair that combines both style and practicality.

Your guest might have a different sleeping pattern to anyone else in the house, so including a TV in the room means that they can entertain themselves early in the morning or late at night. Just remember to double check the remote has batteries before your loved one comes to stay.

A practical space for storage

While storage might not be the first thing you think of when it comes to the guest room, it’s an element of someone’s stay that makes them feel welcome. Leaving some storage spare for your guests means they can really settle in and store any personal items out of sight.

Leave bedside tables empty and a couple of drawers free in an ornate chest of drawers, and your guest will truly be able to relax in their home away from home.

An ottoman doubles as a place to sit, a place for your guests to unpack their luggage, and as a place to store guest bedroom bedding and blankets too. A classic style like the Buttons Grey Ottoman is versatile enough to complement any number of styles.

Before they arrive

Sometimes it’s the small things that can make a big difference to someone’s stay. To give your guest room the edge, we recommend checking and adding a few things before your loved one takes up residence. The first is popping clean towels, a robe, and mini toiletries into the room, just in case they’ve forgotten anything.

For extra brownie points, add fresh cut flowers, a carafe of water with glasses and some magazines or books. It’s all in the thoughtful little details.

And finally, always remember to leave a scented candle or diffuser on the dresser to give your guests a relaxing stay. We love the Spanish Breeze reed diffuser for a scent of en vacances!