It’s the end of a long day. Your head has just nestled into your soft pillow, you’re cocooned by your luxury bed, and your eyes close on the world for another day. Suddenly you hear ‘it’. It’s been driving you crazy for weeks and it’s there again, jolting you back awake, an unwanted squeak.

There are few sounds more frustrating than a creak or squeak every time you roll over or change your sleeping position in bed. A calm and quiet environment in the bedroom is essential to get a restful night’s sleep. Unwanted noises can keep us tossing and turning all night, preventing us from getting into a deep sleep.

A squeaky bed is a rather unwanted bed fellow, but fortunately a sleep issue that is easily resolved. There's no need to lose sleep over a squeaky bed. We'll show you how to find the squeak in your bed and be squeak-free in no time with our quick fixes.

With our sleep and bed expertise we’ll have your beautiful bed squeak-free in no time. But first, let’s look at some of the causes of those pesky, sleep-stealing squeaks.

What causes a bed to squeak?

Unwanted noises can come from the bed frame, from the box spring, or from the mattress itself. Whether you have a metal bed or a French wooden bed, all beds have joints. If they become loose over time, friction between the joints and the frame can rub together and cause that irritating squeaking sound.

Mattresses with metal coils can squeak more as they get older, as the coils begin to wear out and rub together. We suggest always adding a mattress pad to protect your mattress or, if it is more than seven years old, consider replacing your old mattress with a quality Vispring mattress. Handcrafted in natural materials, it contains individually pocketed springs for the ultimate in comfort.

How do I find the squeak?

We recommend testing each individual element to identify the source of that pesky squeak! Check your mattress by pushing down onto different parts to find the problem area. If you have a box spring, examine that in the same way. And if you have a French wooden bed, carefully check the slats and look at all the joints of the bed frame.

How do I stop my luxury bed from squeaking?

If the noise seems to be coming from within your mattress, it’s worth considering how long you’ve had your mattress, as the internal springs may be reaching the end of their life span. We always suggest replacing your mattress every 7 years. After 7 years you’ve spent an average of 20,000+ hours on your mattress, so to ensure the correct support for your body and a restful night’s sleep, consider a new mattress.

Alternatively, the squeak may be caused by the friction of the slats on the bed frame or the joints in the bed frame itself. Check all components such as bolts, screws, washers and nuts; over time and due to changing temperatures in our homes, these naturally work themselves a little loose and simply need tightening. The components may also need replacing if they’re not looking their best.

All our beautiful French antique style beds are made from wood and have a sturdy base, so if you discover the cause of the squeak is coming from the slats or joints, rubbing a little candle wax on either side of the problem area will help ease the tension and the unwanted squeak. (Pro tip: candle wax also works wonders on bedside tables with stiff drawers!)

How do I keep my French wooden bed squeak free?

A high-quality wooden bed should always be 100% squeak free. All French Bedroom Company luxury beds are handcrafted using the highest quality materials and components which eliminates the main causes of squeaky beds. Additionally, to ensure your beautiful new bed is assembled correctly, with perfectly tightened components, we offer an optional White Glove assembly service on delivery, carried out by our experienced delivery team.

If you have a persistent squeaky bed, or would like further information on how our luxury upholstered and French beds are made to be squeak-free and our White Glove assembly service, contact our knowledgeable and friendly sales team.