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How To: Layer Your Bed

There's nothing better on a chilly day (which there seem to be a lot of so far in 2015) than knowing you have a beautifully snug and perfectly layered bed to climb into at the end of the day, or earlier, if on a frosty Sunday afternoon. A layered bed looks so perfectly enticing but can appear to be quite a daunting task - one only to be tackled by a trained stylist on a photo shoot for Elle Decoration! So we thought we'd do our best to take away some of this mystery by putting together a guide to help make your sleep space romantically layered, looking fresh from the pages of our brochure (and Elle Dec!).

Featured: Antique Venetian Mirrored Bed, £1460; Alameda Console Table, £495;

Axelle's Pretty Throw, £70; Pearly Queen Throw, £80; Arctic Reindeer Rug, 195.

You will need:

A lovely French Antique Style Bed

One set of bed linen - bed sheets, duvet cover and 4-6 Oxford/housewife pillow cases

2-3 Throws of differing textures and patterns

3-7 Cushions

It all starts with the bed linen - choosing a base colour that compliments your surrounding room is key, but if in doubt a good place to always start would be with bright white bedding.  When it comes to the throws and blankets, the best way to mix patterns and textures is by using the same tones. If you keep them in the same colour family, everything will pair together beautifully. Currently a favourite of our stylists is either a cool scandi mix of whites and greys or romantic, on trend blush pinks (maybe breaking the colour rule by throwing in some contrasting dark blue/grey velvet cushions!).  Along with your duvet, you then only really need 2-3 throws - anymore and you'll become the Princess & the Pea!

Top Right Picture: Provencal White Rattan Bed, £999; Peek-a-Boo White Dressing Screen, £495;

Sylvia Silver Bedside Table, £295; Provencal Stripe Tub Chair, £325; Ruffle Ruched Grey Cushion, £50;

Ribbons & Roses Cushion, £35; Sumptuous Silk Cushion, £25; Colette Iced Quilted Bedspread, £130;

Ruffle Ruched Grey Bedspread, £158.

Bottom Left Picture: Ruffle Ruched Grey Bedspread, £158; Colette Iced quilted Bedspread, £130;

Antique Grey Toile Bedspread, £145.

Bottom Right Picture: Provencal 2-Door Mirrored Armoire, £1240; Ruffle Ruched Grey Cushions, £50;

Ombre Quilted Cushion, £45; Diana Bust, £98; Pearly Queen Throw, £80; Mohair Blanket, £80;

Pauline's Pretty Throw, £70; Axelle's Pretty Throw, £70; Ribbons & Roses White Cushions, £35;

Grey Ombre Silk Cushion, £52; Pink Ombre Silk Cushion, £52; Sumptuous Silk Cushion, £25.

Cushions are a must for any layered bed, and this is the part where more is definitely more.  Choose a variety of sizes and textures to create a casual "Oh this?! I just threw this together!" look. To achieve the spilling over, romantic ambience - add a rug or two to either side of the bed, a reindeer hide or soft ivory sheepskin would be the perfect soft textural finishing touch.

Author: Georgia Metcalfe, The French Bedroom Company, purveyors of French shabby chic furniture, French Bedsshabby chic wardrobes and beautiful French style furniture.

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