At French Bedroom, we’re passionate about sustainability. Our personal core values are focused on the planet, and the products we sell are no exception to this passion. We’re strong believers that as individuals we have a simple yet effective power - the decisions we make and the actions we take have a huge impact on our environment, and subsequently, the future of our planet.

Earth Day

We love the theme of this year’s Earth Day and wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment that investing in our planet is one of the best ways to protect it.

To quote Earth Day’s website, sustainability is the path to prosperity. We are a responsible brand that cares about our planet and understand its resources are finite, which is why we use natural and sustainable materials for our bed linens, bedspreads, and cushions. We are proud to build our bed frames from natural and occasionally even reclaimed wood.

We invest in traditional, artisanal practices rather than machine made fast fashion, so our products are always hand-carved and hand-painted in the most environmentally friendly way. Products such as our Charkha Blue Cushion and Shri Handmade Denim Rug are spun with a Charkha wheel, which re-uses excess materials to ensure nothing is wasted – these are products we’re proud to sell.

How does choosing a Vispring mattress help my carbon footprint?

Vispring are a brand we are delighted to have worked with for many years. Their passion for sustainability and the planet is aligned with ours, which makes their mattresses the perfect partner for our lovely bed frames. Vispring mattresses are full of generous quantities of natural quality materials – no plastic, polyester, foam, or other man-made products or chemicals are used in the manufacturing process.

The base of each mattress is usually four fleeces of wool and cotton, both of which are sustainable and degradable. The mattresses then vary in fillings, using natural materials such as bamboo, horsetail, and Shetland wool. The coils are made from Vanadium Steel, a material which is both recyclable and re-usable once the mattress has reached the end of use.

Plastic free luxury mattresses are a simple way to significantly decrease an individual’s carbon footprint. This responsible choice ensures one less mattress going into landfill in your lifetime. Natural upholstery and fillings are not only great for the environment, but they also ensure your mattress is able to breathe as you sleep.

Which is why Vispring offer a thirty-year guarantee – three times the length of other mattress manufacturers. They’re confident on the quality of their mattresses and the materials they are made from, and so are we.

A luxury mattress with a lifetime guarantee.

With a thirty-year guarantee, it’s important to make sure you’re investing in the right size mattress to grow with you. There’s nothing more luxurious than an emperor bed – it’s the perfect size for a growing family, but also great for stretching out in once the kids no longer join you for Sunday morning cuddles. An emperor mattress is the perfect investment for longevity, and we just love how the size can elevate any room, making your beautiful French bed the true focal point.

You spend 1/3 of your life in bed, so it’s crucial you spend that time comfortably. One of our customers have described their Vispring mattress as ‘pure opulence’, and how could it not be? Every mattress that leaves the Devon factory has been hand-filled and then finished with hand-stitching, so when you tuck yourself into bed, you can feel the love and care that has gone into its creation.

It's so important, now more than ever, to take care of our planet. To make sure our children, and our children’s children, have a quality of life, with forests to explore and fields to run in. If every person made just a handful of simple, sustainable changes, the impact would be momentous. French Bedroom will continue to invest in our planet, and we hope you will join us.