The piece de resistance of any boudoir is where the bed meets the wall. A design moment that simply can’t be neglected, the way this space is styled can make or break the room.

Wallpaper and bed frame is an iconic duo, and when it comes to wallpaper, there’s a pattern or texture to suit everyone. It’s one of the reasons it can be so difficult to decide – there are just so many beautiful options!

We’re here to help you match the right wallpaper to your bed frame, so you can create a boudoir that makes you happy every time you walk in.

Choose the wallpaper first

An easy way to decide on the colour scheme of your bedroom is to find wallpaper that you absolutely adore and use that as inspiration.

The base or background colour of the pattern is a great starting point for the colour of your bedframe and big pieces of furniture, especially if you want a very tonal room.

Alternatively, if you’ve gone for a very bold wallpaper, you may want to create a striking moment by pairing complimentary colours. Think of the colour wheel and go for opposites!

For your accent colours, pick out the details of your wallpaper pattern and use those colours.

Choose your style first

If you’re not sure on which wallpaper you’d like to go for (perhaps there are several that make your heart sing and you just don’t know how to choose), then think about your style and the way you want the room to feel.

High glam

If flamboyant, feminine and glamorous is the atmosphere you wish to create, then pairing an ornate wallpaper with an ornate headboard and an opulent emperor sized bed will give you all of the gorgeous detailing your heart desires.

Add lots of luxurious texture through your bedding, a sumptuous mattress and an elegant chandelier.

French contemporary

If it’s more Parisian chic that you’re after, choose a patterned wallpaper in the same colour as your bed frame and pair with a simpler upholstered bed style. Go for neutrals and layer on the texture through natural accents. Punctuate with black accessories to keep it chic.


For a bedroom that feels feminine and floral, like you’re back at your Nana’s provencal house, choose a detailed floral pattern for your wallpaper and pair it with a delicate bed frame, such as a rattan bed. Accompany the bed with a quilted bedspread and air-dried flowers.

Our founder Georgia says “Your boudoir should ultimately be a reflection of you, whether you love a romantic French fantasy, or you’re drawn to natural, floral prints. Never compromise on your style; choose wallpaper that sends your heart aflutter!”