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Invisible Beauty

Introducing an acrylic piece of furniture or accessory to your home should be your next smart styling move - blink and don't miss it!

Invisible Beauty a

1 Fifty Shades Chandelier: £99; 2 Ghostie Clear Side Table: from £195 for smal size;
3 Clear Acrylic Napoleon Chair: £125; 4 Transparent Treasure Trunk: £695

A transparent acrylic piece will effortlessly add another layer to a space without interrupting the existing colour scheme, style/s, or textures already there - it's a dream! But if you are only used to investing in distressed-painted, decorative and solid French furniture, plumping for a simple, slick modern acrylic piece - whether it's a single chandelier or console table - might be a brave and bold style statement of a buying decision for you. Fear not as we've said - take our new Transparent Treasure Trunk - it's a true classic in the making - effortlessly beautiful sitting in a decorative white French bedroom.

This year, international design house Kartell, famous for their modern plastic furniture and accessories, celebrate both their 65th birthday and the 10th anniversary of their iconic Bourgie table lamp, designed by their in-house art director of 20 years, Ferrucio Laviani (read more about the Bougie anniversary project and exhibition here). We're huge fans of its now classic design which combines scrolling Baroque curves and modern perspex - every home should have one!

Invisible Beauty b

Z Chair: £495

We've proven in our recent photo shoot (above), by styling our new Z Chair which couldn't be more modern and angular, with the romantic curves and soft antique white of our Provencal Carved White French Dressing Table, just how easily these starkly contrasting styles can actually sit harmoniously together, and just how effective and stunningly beautiful the result is!

Invisible Beauty c

From left to right: Invisible Circular Lightswitch with Nickel Dolly; Invisible USB Charger Socket next to Rocker; Invisible Socket with White Insert; Invisible Four Gang Lightswitch with Stainless Steel Dolly Switches,
prices starting from £35.87 exc VAT, Forbes & Lomax

One British company embracing the combination of modern acrylic with traditional styling to come up with a simple yet hugely effective product is Forbes & Lomax, and their Invisible Light Switch product - ranging from light switches incorporating brass dolly switches mounted onto a Perspex plate, to their new USB switch. This clever product means that the flow of decorated wall underneath can continue without being hidden by a cumbersome ugly chunk of plastic. So yet again, modern and traditional can live handsomely together.

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