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How To: Create An Irresistible Boudoir

For a luxury bed you’ll never want to leave, here are our top tips on creating a beautiful sanctuary

It’s where we start each day and recharge for the next, we need our bedrooms to be a retreat from the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, and possibly the rest of our family home. But while beauty and aesthetics are vital to creating a sanctuary from the busy world, lest we forget the practicalities of our bedrooms; skimp on storage or lighting, and it could soon resemble a village hall jumble sale.

It’s a delicate interiors balancing act, of ensuring our bedrooms adhere to both form and function. We’ve jotted down a few tips, gathered from our years of experience in styling luxury bedrooms, to ensure your boudoir is restful, inviting and personal, while making the most of your space.

The Bed

Arguably the most important aspect of any bedroom, your French bed should certainly be the focal point. As your bedroom’s largest piece of luxury furniture, it will naturally dictate where the remainder of your furniture sits. So, is there a rule for where your bed should sit? There are many!

  • According to Feng Shui, your bed should rest against the main wall, facing a personal compass point, dependent on your ‘Gua number’.
  • In Islam, it’s considered rude to have your feet facing the door while you sleep – in case an elder enters your bedroom, as it’s rude to show an elder the soles of your feet.
  • According to 2010 psychological study, most sleepers felt most secure if they had a clear line of sight to door when in bed.

With so many rules and quite often, limited space in our British homes, it’s easy to see why this conundrum can occur. Simply, ignore the rules and make the most of your space!

Ideally, when you enter a room, it’s preferable to see the whole bed – not just the side – as this helps give a sense of space and flow. And, consider the size of your bed (when ordering a new, beautiful bed) to allow enough space for opening doors and cupboards.

Luxury Bed Linen

Once you’ve chosen your dream bed and found the perfect spot for it, it’s now all about the luxury bed linen. Quite literally the icing on the bedroom cake!

One hard and fast rule we like to stick by when buying our French bed linen, is to ensure the bedding is made using high-quality natural fibres such as cotton or linen. Natural materials are breathable, durable and get better, and softer, with every wash – giving the best chances of a comfortable night’s sleep, regardless of season.

Beyond this rule, we’d always advise to chose what you love; perhaps it’s the laid-back, relaxed look of 100% linen that appeals to your inner boho vibe or, crisp white cotton bedding – with a sharp contrasting edge – to replicate the boutique hotel look at home.

Whichever your preference, invest well, as you’re likely to spend a lot of time between those sheets (!) and luxury bed linen amounts to a lot of bedroom real estate.

Colour Splash

It was Westin & Sheraton Luxury hotels who created their signature ‘Heavenly Bed’ in the 1990s. The white-on-white look creates a ‘halo effect’ giving the impression of a freshly decorated room, when, only the crisp, white cotton bedding had been changed. While the ‘all white look’ is incredibly sophisticated, the reasoning for hotels is based in practicality: it’s easy to bleach, easy to re-order and easy to match.

As your home doesn’t need to function on an industrial scale, it’s worth considering adding a touch of personality by way of pattern or colour. Beautiful bed linen, plump bedroom cushions and sumptuous throws are the perfect way to add colour and pattern to your bedroom, without the need for major redecoration or mammoth investment of furniture. Use a mixture of boudoir (rectangular) and square scatter cushions for a chic ‘interior designer’ look.

Chose floral bedding and pick-out one of the colours to highlight with accent cushions and velvet bedspreads or, for a bolder look, consider layering patterns and prints for dramatic maximalist style.


Regardless of the colours or material for your bedding, texture is a must. Velvets, sheepskin rugs, pom poms and silks can all bring warmth and depth to a space.

Now, Un-Make Your Bed

Finally, for that ‘come hither’ look that you see in the magazines, un-make your French bed – just a little.

Pull your duvet down, one third, on one side and ruffle the throw at the bottom of the bed a little. Consider setting your pillows and bedroom cushions at slightly differing heights/levels – for that ‘just got out of bed’ look.

Lastly, when buying a feather and down or wool duvet, size-up to allow plenty of drape either side of the bed for luxuriously irresistible bedroom style.

For more insider tips on creating the perfect boudoir contact our in-house stylists who are always happy to help with your home.

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