As 2021 draws to a close I’m thinking of those who are going through difficult, sad or even dangerous times.  Those people who don’t have love or support, some who don’t have a home, a soft bed, parents, shelter or even clean water.

With the worst famine in 30 years looming, my heart is with the mothers in Afghanistan. As a mother I’m grateful my children are educated, warm, happy and safe. We are so lucky to have these seemingly simple things, but so many don't.  Which is why The French Bedroom Company is donating a percentage of our profits to charities providing aid, food and clothing to families in Afghanistan as they embark upon navigating the harshest conditions in decades. They are in our thoughts.

2021 was an exceptionally hard year for every business in the UK; some struggled, some failed, some thrived, but all of us had a turbulent ride.  We learnt so much and it brought our teams closer together as collaboration and kindness took centre stage.

One of the biggest things I’ve learnt is just how consistently amazing, hard-working, supportive and resilient my team are.  FBC crew – thank you.  From the bottom of my heart.  You’re incredible. 

The past 18 months have taught us just how important human connections and shared emotions are. Now it’s our time to recognise how lucky we are and to give back.

Whether you’re in my team, a supplier, you shop with us or follow us on social: let’s pause, reflect, and appreciate our loved ones. And let’s give to those who don’t have what we do. Give with our time, our gestures or by raising awareness.  Whether it’s families far away, or those closer to home; an elderly neighbour, the homeless, the animal shelters, the hospices or the selfless hard-working carers. Find time to check on an elderly neighbour, give a helping hand in the Post Office queue or start a warm conversation without agenda.

During December, The FBC team will each gift something special from The FBC collection to someone in their own circle who has had a tough year. If you’ve got a story to share, connect with us on social, using #luckytogether. My personal mission to raise money for the mothers in Afghanistan will continue into 2022, and I’d love to hear from anyone directly who’s keen to help.

Tell us what you’re doing to help others, and post a picture holding the hand of someone you love, a partner, child or even our wonderful 4-legged friends! If nothing else, you’ll have to pause – and hold on to one another - and that at least is a connection we’d be happy to initiate.

Georgia - FBC Founder and her husband Ben
 Georgia shares a moment with her husband, Ben. "As parents, we're grateful to have our children near to us every day. We're grateful they are educated, warm, happy, and safe. we are so lucky to have these seemingly simple things, but so many don't. Which is why The French Bedroom Company is donating a percentage of its profits to help women and children in Afghanistan as they navigate the harshest conditions they've faced in decades." View Full Post

Thank you for sharing your gratitude.

Sending you lots of mine,

Georgia x