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Sofa Surfing Never Looked (and felt) So Good | Luxury Sofa Bed Collection

Luxury Sofa Beds

View our new range of luxury sofa beds.

You may have more canapes than the Queen's garden party; have lovingly prepared a delicious meal; shaken some mean cocktails and put on entertainment to rival Britain's Got Talent; but, at the end of the night, all your hard work can be undone by the squeaky, uncomfortable sofa bed / leaky inflatable mattress / floor that greets your guests come bedtime.

Sofa beds have long been the butt of the interiors' world joke, due to their inability to execute either of their two simple tasks to a even a satisfactory standard. Sofa beds have never been the 'go-to' option when on the hunt for a stylish, comfortable sofa for every day lounging; and, quite often a taxi home has been preferable to trapping your fingers in a clunky mechanism and sleeping on what feels like a million unravelled paper clips.

All of this is why we feel like the cats who got the cream with our ground breaking collection of 'are they really sofa beds?' luxury, British-made sofa beds. They're too stylish to be banished to the spare bedroom and so comfy your guests may never want to leave - but that's OK, thanks to the unique, fold-able pocket-sprung mattresses, making them suitable for 'every night' sleeping too.

Saturday Soirée Sofa Bed

Perfect for those who love their sophisticated interiors as much as their friends. The Saturday Soirée is a luxury bed steeped in glamour, and every inch the movie-star of sofa beds. Under that velvetty upholstery lies a sofa bed working hard to ensure your guests a restful slumber.

Available in Black Noir, Charcoal Blue and Rosewood pink with a contemporary brass trim - this sofa bed is every inch the stylista's dream.

Sleepy Sunday Chesterfield Sofa Bed

Exactly as its name suggests, we couldn't think of a better way to spend a Sunday afternoon than snuggled up on this beauty of a Chesterfield with friends and family. The deep buttoned upholstery and plump (feather lined) seat cushions make for the perfect combination of classic luxury and impeccable comfort. The Sleepy Sunday is like a warm, interiors hug for the soul - the ideal antidote for these chilly days.

All our sofa beds are handmade to order by skilled craftsmen, in Wiltshire, in the only UK-based factory specialising in both mattress and sofa production. The quality of the mattresses is unrivalled for sofa bed mattresses. At 140cm wide and hand-tufted using the finest raw-materials, it's not just your guests who benefit from our luxury sofa bed collection because they are designed to be 'everyday sleepers' too, as the mattresses are far superior to the mattresses that top most sofa beds.

Both our modern and chesterfield sofa beds are available with either an open-coil sprung unit with a single-sided sleeping surface or, a more luxurious pocket sprung mattress, either side of which can be slept on.

Ever been bitten by the nasty metal frame of a sofa bed? Panic not, the innovative two-fold single-pull mechanism takes 5-10 seconds to operate. The mechanism is constructed in Belgium with tubular metal for superior strength, seat webbing for exquisite comfort and sprung wooden support slats for a superb night's sleep.

Owning a fabulously comfy sofa bed not only means your home is perpetually stylish, it allows you to be guest-ready at the drop of a "just one more tipple?"

If you'd like to discuss our new sofa bed collection, which style or colour might suit your home, delivery times or any other aspect of our exciting new range, then contact our knowledgeable, in-house stylists for bespoke advice.

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