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Meet Fashion for Lunch | Blogger of the Month

This month we've been chatting to the wonderfully joyous interiors and lifestyle blogger Kirsty from Fashion for Lunch about her beautiful home renovations, her blogging story and fashion. It's safe to say, if you love a brightly coloured flat-lay, swoonworthy handbags and a swish of pink lippy, you'll love Kirsty's blog and pixelated perfection on for lunch

Tell us a bit about you and your home style.

Hello! My name is kirsty and I have been blogging for about five years. When I was living in London, I had a tiny flat, it was really dark and impossible to make look cute because it had green rental carpets (you know the ones I mean!). As soon as we bought a house, I couldn't wait to start blogging more about interior design and home wares, it's such a passion of mine! Our house was built in the 1860's, it looks a little like an old pub from the outside and even has a small turret. On the inside it has a big staircase, oodles of original wood paneling, Victorian stained glass windows and original fireplaces in almost every room! We love combining old with new and both my boyfriend and I love colour!

Interior blogger uk

Featuring our Golden Pineapple.

How did you start blogging? What’s the story behind Fashion for Lunch?

I was working in fashion at the time and I started reading blogs as part of my work. One day I thought 'I could do this' and I did! I didn't really think too hard about my name as I didn't think I would stick at it. I remember it being a little like trying to open an email address, everything I typed into WordPress (the blogging platform I started my blog on) was taken and eventually I found 'fashion for lunch' hadn't been claimed so I went with that. When I finally opened a twitter I couldn't get @fashionforlunch which was when @labelsforlunch was born!

Previously working in and blogging about fashion, do you find yourself easily influenced by trends?

I do find myself influenced by trends as they keep things fresh and exciting, but I always try to work trends and pieces into my own personal style, y'know, put my own spin on things!

pink throw

You recently moved from London to the wonderful seaside town of Margate – what precipitated your move?

I guess a number of things, Shoreditch, where I had lived before had recently become crazy expensive, so my boyfriend didn't really want to plough all our money into a tiny 1-bedroom flat there, which makes sense. But at the same time, I still wanted to live somewhere which felt really fun, exciting and creative. Margate felt like the perfect new home, and we even have a view of the sea from our house!

Are you glad you made the move?

We say to each other almost every day 'aren't we lucky!', we both love it here!!!! It's so beautiful and it's a creative hub on the coast! We love our house, we love renovating it and it's just such a lovely place to be!

Pink front door

You’ve been busy renovating your “new” home over the past year, where have you taken inspiration for the renovations from?

Mainly Pinterest to be honest! Pinterest is the most incredible tool for sharing ideas, problem solving and just generally nailing down exactly what you love and how it could all fit together. We have taken inspiration from hotels where we've stayed, like Babbington House and restaurants and cafes we love too. But mainly, it's Pinterest!

What’s your favourite area in your home?

Oh that's tricky because only half of the house is done! I really love our blue bedroom, but I'm also really proud of our bathrooms and living room. However, the hallway is the natural highlight of the house, it's got an enormous fireplace and huge grand staircase with an exposed brick wall behind. I think when we finally finish it, it will be a great room! I am also super excited about our office because that's the room with the turret, it's got super high ceilings and it's all pink. Although it's currently piled high with all our storage boxes as we haven't yet unpacked from when we moved in!

What parts/part of your home are you planning on changing/making over next?

We are currently planning the hallway, it's almost done, but we currently making our final decisions on what colour to paint / stain the floorboards. We are also having stair runners which are impossible to choose as no-one makes carpet as brightly coloured as I want! I can't wait to finally get the kitchen fitted too, we have been living for the last year without a real kitchen, we have no fridge, freezer, washing machine or oven.... that's been tough!!

interior design trends hallway

What are your top tips on buying vintage – either fashion or homewares?

We have found some amazing things in our local charity shops; It can be hard to spot the gems, as they aren't exactly styled up to impress. Just try to imagine the pieces outside the context of the charity shop and styled with your wallpaper / candles / upholstery. We have also picked up some great items from Etsy and salvage yards.

When you travel, what do you miss most about your bedroom?

My bed! No matter how comfortable hotel beds are, it's never quite the same.... nor are the pillows! My boyfriend is a bit of a bed snob and he spent a small fortune on our mattress, at the time I thought he was crazy, but now I have to admit, he had the right idea!

What are you coveting/dreaming of for your home at the moment?

Truthfully, I REALLY miss having a fridge!!! I know it sounds unbelievable, but we haven't had a fridge the whole time we have lived here and sometimes I really want a bowl of cereal without having to go out and buy a pint of milk! I'm also obsessed with this bed on your website. I have told my boyfriend it will one day be mine! I just adore it!!!!  It's Marie Antoinette perfection!

What can we expect to see in 2017 from Fashion for Lunch?

Hopefully finally getting that fridge, oven and washing machine! It would be amazing to finally finish the house and really share the full story of every room, before and after. I think it will shock people what a hole it was when we bought it! Blog wise, I'm always just trying to learn more and improve things and keep things fresh and exciting!

splash of gold cushion

Quick Fire questions…

Tea or coffee?

Coffee, with milk and sugar!

Night owl or early bird?

Night owl, I get all my creative flow at night. The kind of wish I could have in the morning!

Latest blog you’ve read?

Oh I read a couple this morning, London Beauty Queen and Adorn Girl, both very different, both amazing!

Festival or spa weekend?

Spa, I'm old and these DIY hands need a little pampering!

Vintage, designer or high street?

I'm a funny mix between vintage and designer, I love the thrill of vintage shopping, I love finding something that costs practically nothing and giving it a new lease of life. It's fun to see the potential in things that everyone else discarded. But I also love buying beautiful designer items which will one day become fabulous antiques and heirlooms. I like to think the vintage bargains help me to afford the designer pieces!

I wish someone had told me…

Not to compare yourself to others

Dream Holiday destination?

MIAMI!!!!! I've been before and I just loved all the art deco buildings!

And…. If you were a jacket, what kind of jacket would you be?

A colourful faux fur coat! Cosy, fun and a little shabby around the edges!

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