As you may well know, we love stalking around the world of Instagram. We're shameless scrollers, purveying the landscape of sumptuous interiors from the comfort of our French beds. It was on one of our trips to the online Wonderland of home delights that we stumbled into the fabulously dramatic, wholly enticing and deeply stylish Kerry Lockwood. A UK based interiors blogger and stylist, Kerry's home is an inspirational plethora of moody hues, playful details and boundary pushing ideas. We caught up with Kerry to find out what's been keep her busy in 2017 so far...

We love your sense of style and blog, tell us a bit more about what inspired you to start blogging?

Thank you so much. I started the blog to share my passion of all things interiors, from favourite purchases to how to transform your kitchen tiles on a budget. I'm a strong believer in making your house feel like home even if you are renting and I wanted to share that.

How would you describe your style influences & where is your number one place to find inspiration?

I have quite eclectic taste so I love to mix vintage and modern pieces, I follow my gut. I find it's better not to listen to other peoples' opinions because everyone has different tastes. Some people just like to play it safe so when I suggest an idea they think it's crazy!  I haven't really got a number one go to for inspiration, I find it in many different places, sometimes when  reading a magazine, sometimes on Instagram or Pinterest but also when I'm walking the dog. I love the colours of nature, the sludgy browns and blacks to the pinks and bright colours of the sunset.

We’ve been following you on Instagram for a while now, with thousands of followers yourself, what are your top tips for using social media successfully?

I think consistency is important. I try to post one photo per day, and try to stick to the same theme. Also good quality photos make a difference. Instagram is very much a community so take time to engage with your followers. Since I started posting on Instagram I've never really worried too much about the number of followers I have, it's important to post photos that you like rather than posting just because you think your followers will like it. If you lose a few followers you'll gain new ones that will probably stick around for longer.

Also any success secrets for maintaining a fully-functional yet totally Instagram-able family home?

Not really, I don't tend to worry about it being "Instagramable". If I’m going to take a photo I just clear that area and it's usually when the kids are at school and the house is much tidier! Even then, there's usually a pile of things that I've had to move out of the shot!

Your confidence with dark, moody palettes is refreshing, tell us a bit more about how you started working with darker hues and what you’ve learnt from your experiences with colour?

It was the Queen of dark interiors, Abigail Ahern that originally inspired me and gave me the confidence to go dark.  I started off with one accent wall and loved it so much, before you knew it the whole room was dark! I love how cosy it looks, anything you put against a dark backdrop looks a million times better, plants, prints, furniture, everything!

Dark colours provide a lovely cosy atmosphere in the winter, how do you find the colours adapt seasonally?

I get asked this question a lot but if you think about how many more hours of daylight we get in summer and how much brighter the days are, the house naturally feels much lighter so I don't find it dark and gloomy at all.

Any advice to fellow readers in rented accommodation about how to be themselves in their home style without risking a very unhappy landlord?

Yes, there is so much you can do, first check with the landlords to see how much they will allow, show them some ideas of what you have in mind so they can visualise how it will look. If you aren't allowed to paint then use painted backdrops, adorn the walls with huge art prints, cover carpets with rugs, accessories, plants, things that make you happy and that you can spend a bit more money on knowing that you can take them with you when you move.

What are your loves outside of the interiors world? Family days, cocktails with the girls, photography, yoga, fashion, holidays.

Are there any cultures you are particularly inspired by? I love the vintage, industrial loft vibe of downtown New York. Exposed brick walls, over-sized art, open living space and huge crittall style windows.

What’s your favourite spot in your home? The kitchen, it's our family hub. We sit together every evening for dinner and discuss the highlights of our day.

Quick Fire Questions…

Best advice you’ve been given…?  What's meant for you will never pass you by

Guilty Pleasure? Watching Vlogs!

Dream destination? Bora Bora

Current box-set obsession?  The Affair

Latest Blog you’ve read? Fashion Me Now

Festival of choice?  Jamie Oliver and Alex James' The big Feastival

And…. If you were a jacket, what kind of jacket would you be?

An Acne Velocite sherling jacket, warm and stylish!

Thanks so much to Kerry for giving us a little insight into her wonderful home. To find out how Kerry styled our lovely items and her other fave FBC picks, head over to her blog here.