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Meet Sophie Warren-Smith | Blogger of the Month

We've long been admirers of the talented interiors stylist and journalist, Sophie Warren-Smith; so when she recently launched her very own blog, Dahlia with accompanying Instagram, packed to the brim with colourful blooms, pastel shades and vintage finds, we were very excited. We caught up with Sophie before her busy summer to find out about her shift to the digital world of interiors, all that inspires her and her own home style.

Tell us a bit about yourself and your home style...

I’m a big fan of Scandi -style, I love simple lines but I’m also partial to vintage buys. I’m a bit of a contradiction actually, as I love white but also colour! My dream house would have white floorboards with pastel coloured walls and accessories in pretty colours.

Sophie Warren-Smith

You’re a successful freelance interiors journalist and stylist, what’s was it that made you want to start your own blog?

We’re in the middle of an exciting indie mag revolution and I would love to publish my own. After years of working for magazines it’s nice to have a platform where you can choose the content. I had a blog years ago but it got neglected so I’m trying to make more effort with Dahlia!

pink linen bedding

Your name is synonymous with huge, interiors magazine titles and beautiful imagery, so what made you chose the name Dahlia for your blog?

I chose the name Dahlia as they were one of my grandpa’s favourite flowers so I thought it would be lovely to call it that in his memory. Plus they are beautiful of course!

Your imagery is packed with fresh, seasonal blooms; is having fresh flowers in your home important to you?

Yes, flowers give a house ‘life’ as well as adding colour. I don’t feel right if I don’t have some! I always use flowers in shoots too, for the same reason.

pretty florals

You’ve coined the hashtag #inspirewithblooms over on the 'gram – it’s safe to assume they’re of great inspiration to you, where else do you get content and styling inspiration?

I find flowers so inspiring, and I’m particularly loving using them on my instagram feed. The hashtag is slowly growing and is looking really pretty, I love that people are using it! I’ve just started a new one #floralhideandseek too. Aside from flowers it would be interior books like Hans Blomquist’s In The Mood For Colour - it’s a great book!

100% linen duvet cover

You studied printed textiles at art college, do you still dabble in this?

No, but interestingly quite a few stylists do have a textile/art college background. It’s all about understanding colours and composition so it helps with what I do now.

What’s your favourite area in your home?

Definitely our bedroom, it’s so calming and who doesn't adore being in bed?! I love having loads of cushions and different textured throws, nothing matches!

What parts/part of your home would you like to change and how?

We rent presently, so we’re quite restricted. However, we are allowed to paint as long as we don't use dark colours - which is fine by me! If it was my house I would rip up all the carpets and put a new kitchen in. We are very lucky though as it’s an end terrace so there’s alot of natural light which I love.

When you travel, what do you miss most about your bedroom?

The cosy bed! We invested in a good mattress and it’s so comfy.

What are you coveting/dreaming of (an item) for your home at the moment?

There’s lots of things I’d like! We could do with some new bits and pieces in our bedroom, I don't like things that match so I’m after a nice wardrobe or armoire and maybe a chest of drawers.Blogger of the month

Tea or Coffee? Tea

Sea or Mountains? Sea

Favourite Flower? Peony

Most recent blog you've read? Me & Orla

I wish someone had told me…

…to get into instagram years ago!

Sophie kindly styled our Lisbon Powder Pink 100% Linen Bedding, you can see her style tips for her lovely linen over on her blog soon.


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