While chatting at FBC headquarters, the topic of conversation, unsurprisingly, once again moved to beds and, more specifically, our range of pink upholstered beds. All of us have a favourite from our range, sometimes that changes when a fabulous new stock arrives but recently we have noticed a shift in our preferences towards the pink spectrum.

A sign of the times?

In a world that is unsettled and uncertain, maybe we are craving soothing and nurturing tones? Since it was Pantone's colours of the year back in 2016, we've seen our collection of pink-hued furniture expand. Customers have fallen head-over-heels for the colour – pink is no longer considered 'girly' or radical, but quite the norm, and very en vogue! 

According to Feng Shui, pink is the universal colour of love. Casting gentle and delicate Feng Shui vibrations, one could be justified in saying that, as a feng shui colour, pink soothes the heart and fills you with love. Taking this into account, it is no wonder so many of us are craving one of our pink upholstered beds to welcome us at the end of the day.

Over to you

As our lovely customers know best, we thought we would get in touch with those who have purchased one of our pink upholstered beds to share their reasoning, styling and choice. Whether it be a grand emperor bed or a cosy and sweet child's bed - we'll take any excuse to see our beds in their new homes!

First up, we have an Instagram friend @oliviasaurusrex who's fresh and fun account often shows her French Bedroom Company Upholstered bed. She has kept her Palais de Versailles Sacré Coeur Pink Velvet Bed the room's focal point with natural furniture and accessories. This is what she had to say:

"I wanted my bedroom to feel like a sanctuary, and a beautiful bed was a must. I love to mix textures in my home and thought an upholstered velvet bed would look beautiful with my wool carpets and rattan & bamboo furniture.

As soon as I saw this bed, I knew I had to order it. The stunning shape, solid & good quality materials and the dusky shade of pink...the ultimate combination! The pink makes me feel like a fairy princess! I honestly take a second to admire my bed every time I walk into my bedroom!"

We spoke to one of our mum friends, Leanne next, who had been looking for a bed for her daughter:

"I wanted a soft material bed for my daughter who is 4, being so young I didn't want her to hit her head on a wooden framed bed, and it felt perfect from the minute we saw it, she picked it out herself, and we decided it was the right one for her bedroom. She's never been in her own cot or cot bed, so a wooden bed wasn't right for her; therefore, looking at upholstered beds felt more natural for us. 

My daughter loves anything pink and princessy, and this bed is just perfect! As a lover of velvet myself, I love the soft headboard and the studded detailing adds a bit of glamour and sophistication to what could be quite a plain bed, so when she grows older, hopefully, the bed will always be fitting- age-wise. She had always co-slept before we moved house and has her own bedroom now so this king-size bed felt like the right size for her and the pink is just perfect. 

If I asked my daughter about the colour pink, she would say it makes her feel like a princess, but if I were to answer it myself, because I sometimes fall asleep with her in her bed- I would say its elegant, girlie, and chic. Her room is my favourite bedroom because it’s all different tones of muted pinks and the centre focal point being her bed makes the room feel complete and cosy. 

When such an important member of our family business has one of our Pink Upholstered beds, we simply had to get her views! So, it's over to Layla for her take on The New Beginnings Pink Velvet Bed

"Occasionally, I look through interiors magazines and think, 'Wow, I can do so much better than what's in my bedroom right now. Why didn't I think of doing a room makeover sooner?' And I become really inspired to do up my bedroom. We think of our bedrooms as the place where we sleep, but they are also where we have fun with friends, get ready to go out or even look at social media on lazy days.

The particular bed that I've chosen - The New Beginnings Pink Velvet Bed – is going to bring me joy every morning, when I wake up to find that I'm actually in the bed, and it wasn't a dream! The best feeling in the world is to wake up in the best bed. It really invigorates you and starts your day right so that you have a positive attitude towards the rest of the day. When I chose my bed, I came across this one, and I was positive that it was the one. When you find your perfect bed, you almost connect with it: 'This is what I've been looking for. This is the bed.' For me, this bed was the best out of all the beds I've seen online because of its stunning fairy-tale look. It is literally the bed from heaven. Not to mention the gorgeous chalky white feet. They remind me of a unicorn's horn or an exotic shell you'd find on the beach in The Seychelles. I hope you now love this bed as much as I do. 

When I think of pink, I think of something dainty or pretty, but when I think of pink interiors, I think of raindrops on roses on a midsummer’s day. I imagine a lovely picnic on a sunny day in buttercup fields with no houses or roads for miles. Pink is a soft, calming addition to any interior. (Especially when you style it with fluffy cushions!)"

Lastly, we have our swoon-worthy @jenconnell.home, who has managed to perfectly balance an eclectic boho style whilst keeping things calm and inviting. As Jen is an interior designer, we were most eager to hear her take on Pink:

"I find upholstered beds so much more luxurious and comfortable than other styles. I spend so much time in bed, whether sleeping, working on my laptop or having a self-care evening. It's so important to have a bed that is inviting.

I originally saw the bed on Instagram, and I audibly gasped! It was the most beautiful bed I'd ever seen. I've always had a penchant for French style furniture, but the pink velvet was really special. I did a lot of research and discovered that the quality of the beds match up to the visual aspect. I was nervous about investing in a big piece, but I'm so glad I did. Almost 4 years on, it's my favourite piece of furniture. 

Pink is probably my favourite colour at the moment. I adore it. I love how calming and unabashedly feminine it is. I have an entire pink room in my home now, so the pink bed started my obsession. The more pink, the better. I want to feel like I'm living 'La Vie en Rose'."

We could not agree more; we might not all be lusting after a princess style emperor bed, but maybe we could benefit from a bit more pink in our lives, bedrooms, and perhaps a pink upholstered bed will be at the top of all our wish lists.... What do you think?