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Natural Beauty

From leathers to cowhides, reindeer skins to antlers and beautifully grained-wood, natural materials effortlessly add a luxe layer to even the flattest of interior schemes...

Natural Beauty aRudolph Rug: £129; Versailles Gold Chaise Longue: £1060. Versailles (BP 2602) wallpaper: £98/roll, Farrow & Ball.

Natural textures and shapes, from our The Cow Shed Hooks in horn to our grand-looking stag antler Fight Me Antler Chandelier, to the sumptuously thick pile of Icelandic sheepskins - they are all small nuggets of luxury which can easily be integrated into a scheme - just a hint of them can instantly bring out the boutique hotel-chic in any room. Think smart upholstered beds with Fight Me Antler Wall Sconces against sharp grey-painted walls above each bedside table to frame the bed, or the beautiful and totally unique varying tones of a Rudolph reindeer skin draped over the contrastingly rich metallic tones of our Versailles Gold Chaise Longue as shown above is quite the majestic look - a little corner of indulgence for your French style furniture.

Natural Beauty b
Interiors by Rosie Brown

Rosie Brown is an interior designer and stylist who gets the natural look just right in her homely, classic and rustic schemes which are utterly charming and so completely welcoming. Natural earthy tones, paired with clean looking just off-white or utilitarian-coloured walls and painted floorboards are the perfect canvas for interestingly textured and shaped natural hides, mounted antlers and objects from nature on every surface, from mantelpieces to window sills, whilst shabby chic furniture, from a well-loved vintage brown leather armchair to heirloom darkwood side tables complete the look.  You can buy her look too - in the form of her gorgeous mail order company where everything sold is made in Scotland - Papa Stour.

Natural Beauty c
Buffalo Leather Side Table: £199; Elephant's Tooth Stool in Solid Teak: £139; Wooden Charm Side Table: £150

One single natural piece alongside smart but flat tailored upholstery can relax the area in a room, for example, a room full of coordinated white painted furniture can look more relaxed and homely with a natural or unpainted mirror and an ivory sheepskin or two - it breaks up the look up and changes the balance of the feel of the room. Or imagine our Elephant's Tooth Stool (above) for example, stood beside a very symmetrical button-upholstered sofa - it will immediately soften the rigid look of the sofa and suggests you have the confidence and know-how to make you brave enough to mix your shapes, colours and textures - go for it! Ooh and check out the new Huntsman Silver Antler Chandelier and Hunstman Silver Antler Wall Light - just added to our collection of lovely goodies...  just to show we aren't just offering classic, painted French furniture and luxury mattresses these days!

* Special note: As we couldn’t be more animal-fanatical at The French Bedroom Company, we try to ensure that pieces made from natural materials are either from sustainable sources, or in the case of antlers and cowhides for example, are naturally-shed or by-products of the food industry.

Author: Georgia Metcalfe, Managing Director, The French Bedroom Company

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