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New Year Detox: For You and Your Home

We've been inundated in recent weeks on social media with the hastag #NewYearNewMe, but we can't help but think that this is a bit drastic - so we've decided to focus on improving what we've already got - be it ourselves or our homes. So many of us choose this time of year to revitalise and start a-fresh, giving-up our vices for a month, 12 months or a lifetime, in pursuit of a healthier, more energetic lifestyle.  Some of our resolutions include the usuals of drinking more water, cleansing every night and, of course, completely implementing Deliciously Ella's latest tome - finally spiralizing any item of veg that comes our way.

When in doubt about our own well-being, we always ask our favourite nutrition & juicing expert, the gorgeous Coral - co-founder of 42Juice in Brighton & Hove. Coral's love for nutrition started when she fell ill with meningitis in 2006 when her quick recovery was helped by eating a macrobiotic diet, which she would prepare with her father daily. Coral went on to study nutrition and weight management, personal training, and travel to India to train in Ashtanga Yoga and Ayurveda.

The French Bedroom Company Blog, New Year Detox: For your & your home with Coral of 42 Juice Brighton

Co-Founders of 42 Juice Coral & Natalie; 42Juice Hove.

We asked Coral for her Top 3 tips when considering a detox:

  1. "Always try to start a detox when you know that your social calendar is pretty free. Doing a juice cleanse can be pretty testing for your willpower as it is, even without putting temptation right in front of you by going out for dinners or drinks - you don't want to have to feel awkward by having to say 'no' all the time either, so try scheduling a cleanse when you don't have much planned and keep life simple.
  2. Try to cut out things like caffeine, sugar, meat, alcohol and processed food about a week before starting a juice cleanse. This way your body will have time to slowly detox from things that can give you pretty grim withdrawal symptoms when coming off them. Cutting out solid food can be challenging enough without having to go cold turkey from coffee too!
  3. Emptying your fridge of food is always a good idea when embarking on a juice detox, so nothing is likely to lead you to temptation!"

If we were to brave a full 3-5 day juice cleanse, what can we expect?

"The first few days of a detox can be tough so be prepared for a roller-coaster, you may be one of the lucky ones who find it really easy right from the start. If you do struggle initially though, always hang in there... If you can manage 3-5 days then after the initial 3 days you genuinely start to feel as light as a feather and on cloud 9! Brain fog tends to fade and you can have so much more clarity and energy. Your taste buds start to change too! So you don't crave the same things that you might have done before, it's like pressing reset. Doing an organic juice fast can be a great way to start off a healthy eating regime as you will often only want to put healthy foods back in your body. It's like after getting  your car cleaned - you wouldn't want to then throw loads of rubbish and mud all inside it would you?!" No we wouldn't!!

We can't help but think that this is the perfect time to apply the same concept to our homes, ridding our interiors of the toxins which have stayed in our lives out of either lack of inspiration or familiarity. Maybe a splash of new colour or a refreshing white wash; a furniture re-jig to breathe new purpose into a room or sometimes just the addition of a throw in a contrasting colour or texture can make an armchair, sofa or bed feel refreshed; new bed linen not only freshens up a look and helps transform a whole room, but will give you that much sought after wonderful "new bed linen" feel, which is one up from our favourite "clean bed linen" feeling at the end of the day; the addition of a floor lamp to give a new glow to a room and different dynamic to a forgotten corner.

This fab room in our showroom was born out of the need for a bit of rejuvenation at The FBC - it would have been very comfortable for us to place these lovely items against a black backdrop for a dramatic look or a white wall for a monochromatic vibe, instead, we decided to shake things up a bit, look into what trends we loved and then, paint! We love the way the pop of colour helps the gold colours really standout and at the same time compliments the monochromatic accessories. Adding a touch of greenery with a living plant will not only help with cleaning your rooms air, but it will add that freshness we all need at this time of year.

For more on 42Juice head over to their beautiful website HERE, or pop into one of their stunning juice bars (full of interiors inspiration as well as healthy goodness) & receive 10% off cleanse packages throughout January with code CLEAN16.. let us know how you get on!

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